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  • Week HJ- The Hero’s Journey

    The Hero’s Journey

    We are all heroes! We have similarities to the heroes of the ancient myths. Have you ever wondered why you didn’t fit with your family or why you saw things differently but were punished for questioning the status quo?

    In my opinion, the hero’s journey never actually ends. I think this because we are all creators, and when we discover the delicious rewards of pursuing the inner world we grow in our courage. Yes, there are terrifying dragons and times when you feel sick and question yourself, but once the fire has been lit for the hero’s journey it is very difficult to extinguish.


    In my experience, I have met people who in their early 30s start to question what they are doing in life. Then life starts to fall apart by the end of the 30s. Sometimes people accept things and don’t answer the call, they in fact keep going being miserable. The lure of the monthly paycheck can keep people hypnotized and stay where they are.

    It is a crisis that is the gift! A crisis has the power to break the chain of the hypnotic trance. Even then the quest can take one’s loved ones away there is no going back. You have to let them go and accept the challenge. This is when, in my opinion, the ego has surrendered and the spirit has taken over. It is a painful purpose. Maybe this can be the pain of cutting the cord.

    Traditions, cultures, family beliefs, other people’s opinions are all hypnotic states. In the words of Bob Proctor, they are paradigms that are challenging to break but once they are broken you come through as a hero. A very different person from the one that started the journey.

    In my personal journey, I have come a great way, though remnants of my past beliefs and ideas surely surface over and over. Sometimes, I feel alone but deep down I know on a spiritual level I am guided and never left on my own. I find people like myself especially from an Indian background have very similar challenges which often have something to do with our parents.

    Having the approval of our parents is a huge privilege in the Indian/Pakistani Culture. This is mainly because ‘LOVE’ is contractual. ‘You do this and then we will love you’. ‘We raised you so you owe us’. Following your heart when the very core of your family does not support you, disowns you can be like experiencing a death. The whole family cuts you out of their lives, family pictures with your children are removed. When you try to see your parents, they have little to no engagement. They refuse to look at you, touch you and walk past you without acknowledging your presence.

    Still, this is when you also discover compassion. Sometimes, people can be adults but they are still children. They have a belief that cutting off those they love will get them what they want. Often what they want is control.

    The hero’s journey has shown me that when I heal myself, I am in essence healing my future generations and bringing to rest my past generations. I, therefore, break patterns that do not serve me by awakening dreams of anyone who may cross my path.

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