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Due to the overwhelming response, the Master Key Master Mind Alliance filled up quickly in 2017. I was glad I was one of those lucky people because despite my busy schedule I enrolled even though I was not even in the country for the first three weeks of the course. I had to start blind. You can read my WEEK 1 blog here. I soon discovered on arriving back someone had PAID IT FORWARD for me to do the course from the class of September 2016. I was amazed because the value I received in just my first three weeks was like nothing I had ever experienced. I even had my own personal guide who was supporting me while I could not watch the webinars. She was my eyes and ears along with a friend who shared this course with me. Now I have done the same for you!

The MKMMA open enrollment again in September, 2018. COPY THIS LINK INTO THE BROWSER AND CLAIM YOUR SCHOLARSHIP NOW!!! http://paykstrt.com/3201/23309

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We’re glad that you’ve come to check out “The Master Key Program”. See, every available spot and scholarship was reserved for 2017. BUT to THANK YOU for your support, we want to make sure you get FIRST NOTICE of our 26 week course this September.

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On my Master Key blog found here, I worked with an international group where time and distance are simply just a time zone and an address, that was the best part. See my evolution, read from front to back – Start at Week 1 to see how my spirit has evolved.

Want to make a resolution that sticks for once? I discovered I had to become a different person so I would do different things so I could have different things. Want to find out how? Adding your name and email to the gets you started now, and I look forward to seeing you in the next session!

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Some Scientific Evidence…

One of the things I loved about the MKMMA Course is how everything taught is backed up with scientific evidence. Facts, not fiction. Reality not hype. When you’re building a toolbox of skills for personal development, it helps to know it’s been proven that they work. The best part? They continue to work LONG, LONG, LONG after the course is over too. [They include some really great extra bonuses for professional development too!]

There’s 2 additional videos below which verify what Charles Haanel wrote about in 1912. It’s actually scientifically accurate that you and I, and everybody, predetermines their achievement level based on chemical addictions we have in our body. Shocked? I sure was! But, it’s not a question of whether or not it’s true. So, check out these videos along with the blogs we mentioned earlier to see what others have discovered and what you can discover too with a scholarship in the Master Key Master Mind Alliance.