Week 20 – The Gift to Think

Does the education system show young people “how to think?”

Billy Joel – The River of Dreams

When Mark shared the metaphore for the lyrics by Billy Joel, it created a burning desire to stand up for my purpose and to move through the river of dreams without other peoples ideas hindering my thoughts and actions. Stole our ability to think for ourselves.

Furthermore, the words of Bob Proctor echo in my mind; to live with intention and not to look through the lense of our intellect because the intellect is the river of dreams, it is the knowledge and understand of the world that I have collected from my parents, schools, friends, other peoples interpretations of religions. Everyone has an idea and an opinion. The river of dreams is there for made up with other peoples blue-prints, other peoples paradigms and I have unknowingly allowed myself to be overwhelemed by these.

Now that I have created my DMP, my own blue-print and discovered my own purpose, I can direct the 40 billion workers in my mind to work within me to move me in the direction of my truest purpose.

I know am very observant of myself and do not tell people what to think, what to do but instead can help them remove doubts and worries that do not serve them.

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