Week 24 – Harvest

Each week I continue to grow my understanding of ‘THOUGHT’ – I may understand thoughts consciously but it is only when I create my belief subconsciously about the power of thoughts that I see how what I sew spiritually is what I reap.

Every person I might or who is in my life is a reflection of the thoughts and ideas that I have seeded in my subconscious. Often these thoughts were planted for me by other people’s blueprints and especially in my childhood.

Now that I am older life is about eliminating thoughts of fear, worry, care, anxiety, jealousy, hatred, and every other destructive thought, which tends to tear down and destroy the inner workings of my body.

To eliminate these unwanted seeds, I set challenges that scare me. Like running the marathon. Just last week I ran half a marathon as part of my growth towards running the full marathon later this year. In fact, I have set goals to run five marathons and each one in a major city around the world.

In 2020 I ran my first 10K, it felt amazing as I’m not a long-distance runner. On a spiritual level, I ran the 10K for my younger 5-year-old. The version of me that was in awe of the world and so enthusiastic about exploring it and running around discovering new things.

The battle in the mind is where powerful seeds are sown when doing something like a running challenge

Then on March 13th, I ran a half a marathon. The longest distance I had done in my training was 11 miles and it had challenged me. This time I was more frightened but I knew I just had to do it. My only goal was to finish strong, not to walk at any point. And I was thrilled to have achieved it. It took a lot of mental surrenders. I focused on my breathing – ‘breath god in and breath the universe out’ – these were the words I continued to repeat to myself while I battled with my mind to stay in the very present moment. The battle with my mind was intense at times but in the end I was amazed with the strength I completed the half-marathon. Often we surprise ourselves with what can be achieved. I know that I am constantly seeding stronger more powerful spiritual seeds. These are the seeds of the woman I intend to discover.

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