Week 25 – Intuition

“…you can get out of life exactly what you wish by first putting into life that which you wish.”

Do you watch television? Do you read newspapers? Do you read gossip magazines? Do you get engrossed in watching movies mindlessly? Do you question anything? Do you prefer to follow the world narrative even when your gut instinct says otherwise? Do you put your trust in medication without taking responsibility for your own health? Do you do your own research and investigate instead of believing what the media tells you? Do you trust the stories the media narrate blindly? Do you wear the mask when you know it doesn’t protect you? Do you take the jab just because you wish you fit it?

Our intuition is guidance from our higher self

What do you put into your life?

Our intuition knows when what we are putting into our life does not serve us. Our intuition knows when we are told stories that seem so fantastical that there is something not quite right here but we go along anyway.

I would like to share a story a friend shared with me that got me thinking about authority figures and figures we trust that follow authority blindly.

“I went to visit a nun from Romania who wanted help to translate some paperwork into Romanian. She was relocated to Cambridge in the UK for a few months on some misionary work in the city.

The nun asked me to wear a mask, and I said I don’t wear one. The nun asked me if I had the jab and I said I didn’t. I decided to ask her why she was wearing the mask? She replied, she had been instructed to do so by the Pope and she must obey him despite her own intuition.

I proceed to ask her if she had the jab. She said she had and she had to follow the guidance of the church or she would not be able to pursue her career as a nun. She mentioned the cirecustances around Covid have raised questions within her but she is forbidden to follow her own intution as she serves the church.

The nun went on to say, I am sorry that I can not converse with you and that I need to keep myself separate from you in line withe the Covid rules. She directed me to the paper work that required my attention and left. She was kind enough to leave me some sandiches while I did the work.

I thought to myself, even Jesus tended to the lepurs and lepresey without protection. He showed the love for humanity without fear was more important and yet the church was promoting fear and this nun was following blindly despite her inner spirit raising her doubts.”

An experinece shared by a close friend.
Always trust that inner guidance. It is the voice of your higher self

Growing up my spirit often questioned the rules that my mother enforced upon me under the guise of religion. Though it did not sit with me, I had no choice but to keep quiet and remove myself from such circumstances as often as I could.

As I have grown up, my intuition has warned me so many times but I had not listened to it in the past. One of the key learnings moving forward is to follow my intuition NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTSIDE WORLD SHOWS ME!

Trusting your gut instinct sends a message to the subconscious that you can be trusted.

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