The world of Property Investing is increasingly seeing an uptake of ambitious and highly successful women, who are growing their own Property Empires. Naila Din, a single mother, has done just that while making a name for herself in this competitive career.

Having left home at 18 pregnant and with just a £1 in her pocket, Naila is a shining example for others to have faith. She tells us “we are never alone despite the mountainous challenges life can throw at us”.

Moved from family to family when her parents could not have her at home, she was helped by a Christian Charity for single mothers who helped her to rent a small house with her baby son. She describes how she was always just grateful she could raise her son and he was not adopted against her will.


Naila was brought up with the belief she should be stoned to death for the dishonor she had brought to her family. However, “I was in Britain, I was lucky I was still alive”, she tells me. Many Muslim women still experience ridicule, some become an honor killing at the hands of their families while others go into hiding. In many very religious cultures, children feel trapped and manipulated to obey and serve their parents even if it meant destroying their passions, beliefs, and even dreams. This is challenging for young people born in the UK when they are forced to live two different identities growing up. One identity for the home and another identity played out at school.

Naila was ambitious, creative, and very popular in creative ventures and sports at school. At home she was quiet, withdrawn, and found ways to make herself small and unseen. It was no wonder the conflict within her simply played out where eventually she was banished.

Learning to become self-reliant and resourceful became the top priority though she vowed to god that if she was allowed to raise her son she would commit her life to be the best mum she could be. Becoming a parent, we often hear changes a person’s outlook on life. Naila shared how she was raised by a very religious mother who was orthodox, she forced beliefs on her children that it was better to die serving god and there was nothing greater. While her father spent most of her youth away abroad working for money, he was somewhat detached from the family and took little or no interest in his daughter who was more artistic and less academic. He was mostly interested in his son. Her family, despite living in the UK, held strong traditional beliefs around the importance of having a son and how having a daughter was often frowned upon and seen as an unwanted burden.


Fast forward, a young mother, ambitious about learning, Naila raised both her children alone and had a burning desire to give them security with a roof over their heads that they could call their own. She was prepared to work on fruit farms earning whatever she could and working as a freelance designer. In her rental home, she hosted foreign students while she, her two children, and the cat slept on one bed. She was prepared to work very hard to make a home of their own become a reality and she did it aged just 26 years. She describes how she would go to the bank almost every day to deposit whatever pennies she had. Sometimes, the cashiers would give her a strange look but they didn’t say anything.

After buying her children their first home. Her family, pressurized her to sell her home a few years later due to the risk her children’s father was posing on the children and Naila’s safety. Reluctantly she sold the house and this is when she realized the small amount of savings she had put down on the house initially had grown by over 800%. She was amazed to hold a cheque in her hand that exceeded anything she had ever seen before.

Although Naila recognized the potential of Property early, life’s twists and turns would not let her get involved with Property as an intentional career. Instead, she spent the next two decades either running from her ex-husband or becoming emotionally destroyed by her family’s destructive behavior towards her children. As a result, she suffered a mini-stroke which resulted in resigning from her career in education.

Being unable to work pushed Naila into deeper and deeper debt, still, she refused to claim benefits and was adamant she would find a way to get back on her feet while living off credit cards. She tried Network Marketing and despite growing a team, the business model only further pushed her into debt. She tried property education and paid for it with more credit card debt. Still, her tenacity to have faith kept her holding on and hoping a way could be found.


Check out her podcast on Britain’s leading Property Magazine, Blue Bricks, to hear how Naila took herself out of huge debt through Property and how today she is a proud owner of a 500million property empire. This single mother has the tenacity, transparency, and integrity that many can be inspired by. She has secured the future of her legacy and her young family’s work to grow the property empire Edin Homes, Investments and developments into a company we can all be proud to know through the work they have done with providing inspirational educational environments for school children around the world.

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