Week 3 – money challenge – The best copycat wins

Rich People THINK a different way, and poor people THINK a different way.

According to T.Harv Eker, I have to copy the way Rich people THINK! I have never felt poor and despite my financial challenges; I am renovating a property at this moment, and I am working with an architect to build a three-bedroom house in the UK, Cambridge. Where and how will the money come? – Let ‘s leave that to the Universe and believe that a way will make itself known. I think I am courageous, stepping forward with this exciting step towards building a LEGACY.

One of the first things I learned in my spiritual journey with MMK, is that rich people always keep their promises. My father brought us up to always keep our commitment, and that has been a habit that I have had instilled from a young age.

Do you often come across people who cancel meetings on the day or even just don’t turn up? It’s happened to me often, and I am always grateful I do not have these limiting qualities.

I have an index card where each week, I write a chore and make sure that I keep my promise by completing the chore by the date written. It helps me not just to keep my promise, but to value the chores that I do. On a spiritual level, when I do my tasks, I know this is an action that is about being in ‘SERVICE’ to humanity. I became emotional when I came to realize, just how big an impact, doing my chores is in making a difference to the world. It’s the butterfly effect in action, and we cannot see it’s results.

“It’s not enough to be in the right place at the right time. You have to be the right person in the right place at the right time.” – T.Harv Eker

Building the right character is such a critical component in my money journey. I am a completely different person today than I was even yesterday. Every day, I am evolving, growing and discovering my power. Developing my character is crucial because the only way I will attract the wealth is by developing these wealth generating traits. It is not enough to be a positive person. There is work to do and seeds to sow. The seeds are only going to grow strong if my character (soil) has the right nutrients and minerals (character traits).

Our character is the core of our money blueprint. Yes, we have a money blueprint which we have built on the thoughts and ideas we have collected from other people like our parents, family, teachers, community and advertising and marketing giants. We have made other peoples beliefs our own. We don’t even know we are doing this until we come to ask a different question of ourselves and life and that is when we discover we can change these beliefs.

I remember words such as; GIRLS DON’T HAVE MONEY. They have to ask their parents or husbands for it. So I hid my financial success from myself and anyone else. I had no idea, I had a property portfolio of over a million, yet I had very little cash in my bank accounts, so I was living the way I thought women lived, I felt worse because I was a single mum. But something else was looking out for me, that I was not aware of until now. I have mentioned before that I believe, GRATITUDE has played a big part in that. However, the next component I already have a head start on is a highly reliable character. The one person I knew who always strived to keep her promise was me, and I am becoming better every day.

When I was little, my grandparents held cultural views around how girls are treated. It was an issue if I were to drink milk. My grandmother would complain saying; girls should not be given milk to drink, the boys should who are the breadwinners, the earners. They had to be strong to provide for the family. The mindset of the hunter-gatherer still operated by people who had to struggle to make ends meet. Even though their environment had changed because they now had immigrated to the UK from Africa, the same beliefs controlled their outlook on life, and they were transferring that down to the next generations. These kinds of situations only motivated me to become my classroom milk monitor and could have as much milk as I wanted from what was left.

I continued to hide my success from my parents, worried that I would be upsetting them by being successful as a girl. Again, these were the perceptions that I held based on the thoughts I had when I was little and I continued to add feelings and emotions to these thoughts as I grew older. Thoughts and feelings together created a belief that directed much of what I had done in life, until the last two years as my personal development journey, started to unravel why I was making some decisions in my life.

Your income can grow only to the extent you do.

Today, I know my world is shifting, and for someone who is maybe not spiritually aware, I look like I am walking a risky road. However, I have 200% trust and faith that I will come out of the other side shinning and my journey will hold others steady so they to can discover their emotional chains and release them, step into the life they deserve to live and experience.

What have I deposited in my FFA Account this week?

Day 8 – £45.00 Bank Transfer
Day 9 – £1.00 cash
Day 10 – £1.05p cash
Day 11– £2.00 cash
Day 12 – £2.01p cash
Day 13 – £1.10p cash
Day 14 – £0.20p cash

Week 2 – Total Deposited £52.36


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