Week 17 – A New Blue Print

The application of knowledge changes our old blueprint.

Discovering a new blueprint means a greater purpose for why I came to this existence. My new blueprint has less and less to do with the ‘I’ that resides within me. The “I” is my ego through which the spirit shines. Therefore, knowledge applied helps move the ego to one side so that the soul can deliver the blueprint, which is why being here.

I dedicated this last week to visualizing another level of ‘immense wealth.’ My daughter and I visited some spectacular homes in the North of England. Together we viewed homes worth up to five million. Something I would have never considered a possibility, but since embarking on the Master Key Experience in 2017, I discovered how important it is for our minds to control our bank accounts instead of our bank accounts controlling our minds.

“Does your thinking control your bank account OR does your bank account control your thinking?” – Bob Proctor.

From previous experiences, I do know change is coming, and it is essential to embrace change because the ego fears change. I am comfortable and would love to grow and expand more where I am here in the South of England, but I also have a deep knowing that I have surrendered to whatever needs to happen through me, which is the realization of my spirit. I am nervous and excited at the same time.


This week my word for the week was ‘surrender,’ and it has been magical and effortless in achieving and experiencing just how the universe is working to support me in realizing my Definite Major Purpose.

I remember how Mark often speaks about the right people coming into your life when you are aligned. It so happens an old friend I hadn’t seen for ten years looked me up, and we enjoyed a drink and meal together, to discover he is the building contractor I will be working with on my property projects, I’m about to start.

I read in the ‘Course of Miracles’ that life every day is full of miracles and that humanity has lost the ability to tap into these everyday miracles because they are stuck in their egos wrapped with fear, doubt, worry, hate, etc. When we let go of these energies, we come to bask in the true joy of what life offers and the ease in which we can create and give of our love and creations so that everyone may do the same.

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