Week 16 – The Cosmic Law is Kind

Why did I come here?

I realize that I have always been here and am experiencing the world with the same challenges it has always had. My job is to learn from history and discover that I came from unconditional love and that my existence on earth is to get back to and surrender to that all-encompassing love.

This time around with the Master Keys, I have been fascinated with the words ‘immense Wealth,’ and if you have read some of my other posts, you will come to see I explore the concept of immense Wealth through many of my posts and what these words mean to me.

I am growing to discover the immense Wealth we have the closer we can get to god. However, I can also hear the stories from some friends who talk about people they know who are genuinely wealthy and how controlling they are.

However, I am not a woman who listens to others, and other people are not me. If I am to surrender my being to the spirit that resides within indeed, then whatever draws the attention of that spirit is where I feel compelled to go.

I think being poor is EVIL and out of alignment with god consciousness. Not being able to feed yourself or your children is EVIL, and many people live like this because of a manufactured system designed to create poverty.

I know my truth to be that I am made with love and in the perfection of what god/universe intended, and now that I have come to accept this as muy fact, I feel gorgeous and know that what I step out to accomplish is already a reality for me, it is my truth. I realize I am free to express myself in any way I feel, and my outer world is a confirmation of my power. Through this realization, I know I can affect other people’s lives and inspire them to live life on their terms, and if they choose to do so, I can assist because I have walked the path of seeing;f actualization.

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