Meet Naila

Life is an adventure – Explore it!

WHO IS NAILA? – I was asked that question seven years ago, and I responded with tears. It was a profound question. I knew I was a mother, I knew I was a single mother, working hard on my own and I knew what I did for a job. However, I couldn’t say who I was.

The most reliable analogy I can think of for my journey of discovery is the analogy of when we are on a plane and given the safety instructions. We are shown to put our mask on before we try and help others to put their masks on.

As I am discovering who I am, my children are learning who they are. Isn’t that so exciting? They just watch me, and I watch them change we inspire each other and love each other dearly.

I can say each decade in life has shown me a very different side of me. From struggling on my own as a single mum in a short but violent relationship, to wearing the headscarf and removing it nine years later, to now an entrepreneur and someone who is starting to see her life has meaning and that she is here to share her experience through creative expression of what LIBERTY from my emotional chains, looked like for me as was creating a LEGACY.