Week 18 – Do you have a 20 year vision?

This week, I felt compelled to write out a 20-year vision. I sat down and wrote without trying to control what I was writing and I shared this vision with close friends. Reading it with my voice and sharing it with my close and trusted friends, meant that I gave this vision power and as my close friends listened, together I know for sure we have breathed life into this vision.

Another close friend then suggested writing a 250 year vision. I think I will give that a go, just to see what my spirit reveals.

I am so happy and grateful now that ….

I am living in my dream home. When I wake up the views of the beautiful countryside makes me feel deeply grateful in the centre of my heart.

I can enjoy the beautiful collection of sports cars that I can choose to drive whenever I like and this excites me and deeply turns me on because I feel amazing when I drive them; bringing smiles of gratitude to people who love cars and appreciate the beauty of them.

I love what I do because I build luxurious living spaces for young professionals and as a result they pay me really well and recommend my homes to others and stay because they strive to become more in my homes.

My professional power team is world-class and together we bring high-quality homes that have wonderful stories behind them that create deep connections with our tenants. I love sharing the story of my business and how I now do several development schemes where the minimum is 10 luxurious homes and my business is floated on the stock market. I inspire millions of women to believe in themselves.

As a result of my business success my research into Emotional Awareness through my successfully accomplished Phd has resulted in two grames currently used by all state education schools because I have cleverly made them fit in the curriculum. I am an awarded author and I love researching topics that help people to create the tools that bring them closer to the vision of their dream and why they have come to this planet.

It makes me so excited in my core when people tell me I inspire them to take action in their lives and they are so much happier.

I am making difference to the children in this world by helping communities to build schools that nurture the dreams of young people and empower parents to see the potential of god in their children and nurture them to thrive. I made a difference in my life and I am grateful I served my spirit’s purpose.

I love speaking at Property events, business events and especially at Higher Education because my story lifts people and empowers them to make a significant difference in their lives.

My books are translated into 10 languages and sold all over the world. As a result I have beautifully inspired homes that I get to live in around the world when ever I want to help my creativity grow and expand.

My business owns several hotel reports which are very popular because they are luxurious and abundant. People feel they thrive and benefit from attending our resorts because they are designed to awaken dreams. As a result of my commitment and courage, my future generations are free to live a life of purpose and fulfillment and this has raised the level of consciousness so that every human can live their best life.

I now have lots of free time because my businesses are successfully systemized. I can pursue my interests of playing the piano, singing, swimming, and other creative pursuits like drawing and painting again.

I have a passion to bring joy to the lives of old people and offer to pay experienced people to sit and talk to them. Give them that human contact that nurtures the soul and spirit.

The cat and dog nurturing parks are such a hit for my resorts, people find so much comfort being around animals and often many animals are adopted and found loving homes.

Even my tenants love the amazing facilities they have access to like salt caves for asthma sufferers, Coffee shops with exclusive coffee blends that are reflective of the cats we loved and nurtured. Many of our housing schemes are named after loving pets and people love to be part of the story of Edin because they share the values of the company and feel they contribute to the magnificent difference the company has made to how ‘LIFE’ can be experienced and enjoyed.

Thank you, Universe for making this my lived reality. Every day I am blessed, I am happy, peaceful, calm, quiet, assured, confident, loving, contented, and harmonious because I am a part of God.


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