WEEK 5 – My Name

Today I spent my time going through my tribe’s blog posts. I find myself reflecting on my own journey this time last year. I had no intention of becoming a guide but here I am today having the privilege to play a small part in helping others to gain clarity with their life story.

I myself have found that my own PPN of ‘LIBERTY’ has been replaced by ‘Recognition for Creative Expression’ – This was the PPN that had come up last year but I was drawn to replace it with ‘LEGACY’ instead. I think the mother in me stepped forward and it was my old blue-print wanting to mask that I was doing everything for my family and not for myself. It’s only taken me a year to accept that it’s ok for me to recognise myself and thus change my PPN to the one that I was attracted to in the first place. Becoming a parent from a ripe age of 18 and growing up with responsibilities that were beyond my childhood may have conditioned me to serve others as a way to try and get my own needs met. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it created resentment.

I feel honored and humbled seeing my name appear in my tribe’s blogs and I smile to myself realizing my PPN for Recognition for Creative Expression is actually being met in all the times that I read and hear my name mentioned. A thought passes my mind ‘is this my ego gratification?’ – but I let the thought pass because it does not serve me.

It was certainly the right decision to become a guide and I know with time, I will have moved on from these first initial feelings and embrace my role with much more value to offer as my experience broadens and enriches each year.


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