How often do we go along with life not being aware that we challenge ourselves less and less in every moment, every day, and every year that passes, to step out of our comfort zone?

I turned 50 this month, and I was blessed to have been allowed to treat myself to my dream car and Aston Martin DB11. Now, this incredible machinery commands a level of confidence, charisma, and finesse that offers my ‘being’ to step out of her comfort zone, “TRUST the engineering of the car and to become less FEARLESS,” advised my driving coach.

Fear has been an overarching theme since March 2020, what with the media’s coverage of an illness that, in my opinion, has only brought to light how little we as humanity TRUST the incredible potential of the immune system and feed into the FEAR. So many of us are so terrified of dying that we are not living. So many of us are AFRAID to speak our truths for being judged or isolated by others.

It wasn’t until my car pushed me out of my comfort zone to drive at over 100miles an hour in the outer circuit of the bowl at the Mill ground Test center in the UK, did I become aware that I had stopped living. I had stopped expanding my comfort zone. I stopped doing things that pushed me to realise I am more than I realise and can be more than I realise. It is evident when we feel terrified, sick, and afraid that we realise, we’ve been pushed beyond our limits and had nothing to worry about despite what the media, movies, news, or other worrisome people tell you.

Pushing out the comfort zone

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