Week 17b – Give Yourself Permission To Be Happy

We often think we are in control of our lives BUT are we?!

What’s REALLY controlling the direction of our lives?

Its now the second part of week 17 and we embark on the hero’s journey with the Master Key Experience. My commitment to discovering my true self cannot become greater. Even though my old blueprint sometimes feels and looks like it will never break, I know and have total faith it is weakening; as the old design softens a more magnificent world reveals itself. It’s been there all the time, but I had never given myself ‘permission’ to see it.

This week has been about ‘self-direction’, and I am grateful for the suggested structure still offered. It has helped to ensure I keep the momentum of the work done to date and increase it in this new chapter of the journey. I must say, I do like the person I have become. More dedicated, more focused, kinder, happier and far more decisive in my decisions. Sometimes I observe myself as I procrastinate and I ask what’s causing the procrastination, but I never berate myself as procrastination could be a time of creative reflection and its often in times when the brain is not thinking that great sparks of ideas and thoughts can come.

What then controls us? It is our past programming, and it can change. How quick that change can occur varies from individual to individual. We now live in a world where vast amounts of people are leading people to believe they can reach transformation overnight and our instant gratification and microwave attitudes to learning, lead some of us to think the numerous courses, coaches and the like that tell us they can offer us transformation in a day or two. It takes persistent and diligent concentration. It takes an understanding of the laws of the mind and the natural laws of the universe.

I find myself sheltering my mind with the Law of Substitution or the Law of Dual Thought, at work when I can hear colleagues criticising, gossiping and the like so that my mind does not want to join in, I have distracted it like a mother would distract its child when it is crying. That child soon starts to giggle and stop whining because its attention is being diverted to something else instead. There are still times when I sit to meditate for those precious thirty mins when my mind can fight me, and I cant make it past 30 min.

Learning to establish the right time of day to do my sits, is ongoing. It’s all an adventure into who I am and what I am reconstructing. The adjustments in this period in my life have been many, and 2018 feels like a period of recuperation and the laying down of firm foundations the first of which is creating a new blueprint and reconciling my past so that it knows I have not ignored it.


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