WEEK 2 – Meeting My Tribe

They come in all color’s

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My journey for the next six months is that of being a guide. Having the hands-on support from the staff of the MKMMA is again nothing like I have experienced before. I ask myself, is this just an American thing that these people are so helpful, genuine and kind or just that I haven’t come across this level of authenticity in the UK. I don’t know.

It is humbling to read and review the DMP’s (Definite Major Purpose) of my tribe. I am reading people’s dreams and ambitions. I am the receiver of their vulnerability and I am a red personality with a yellow, thank god. My red personality can be direct, but I am glad I have the MKMMA Staff to review my revisions so that we are giving the best feedback to our tribe. How much value is this because the MKMMA gives all this for just $1. Obviously, after the first month of tremendous value, people decide whether they want to PIF it forward for the class of 2019 or not. For me, it was a no-brainer! I had to continue. I never leave anything undone once I start it.

It has been a year and by helping others with their DMP’s I am reflecting on my own. There are certainly changes to be made and an appreciation of what has been achieved over the year. Liberty and Legacy were my two PPN’s (Personal Pivotal Needs). We are shown how to identify which two we are drawn to out of the seven shared. Last year I was drawn to True Health and Recognition for Creative Expression, but my DMP did not really address True Health and finally, I reviewed my PPN’s and found Legacy and Recognition for Creative Expression were my two PPN’s.

I carried on with these for a few weeks but then started to feel these were not right either, only then to settle with Liberty and Legacy. These felt good until this week where I came to realise I was still playing out my old blue-print of Legacy even though it was of a much higher caliber, meaning I was playing out the positive’s of my old blueprint.

The more I thought about this I came to accept that it is actually Recognition for Creative Expression that is drawing my attention. As my awareness of the year has grown, I can feel there are negative emotions of ‘guilt’, ‘shame’ and ‘pride’ associated with ‘Recognition for Creative Expression’. That awareness affirms that I am on the right path. In order for me to have this PPN in my life, there are emotions around it that need to be released. Legacy my PPN from last year had been a disguise because it played to my ego. It felt good saying Legacy was one of my PPN’s because my children have always been the reason why I do what I do. It was now time to think about me because I had Legacy already in the bag with a property portfolio worth over 1.5million and growing. Not bad for a single mum who left home with £1 at 18 and with no home. It is about time, I was not ashamed of my past but to accept how the young girl I was in the past, navigated through life despite not even knowing how to catch a bus, something I am still working on in my 40’s.

I’m looking forward to re-writing my own DMP. I learn that as I guide others through this journey, I am cementing my own knowledge.


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