WEEK 1 – Grow by teaching another


My daughter and I – Through Osmosis our children become more because we as a parent become more.

Tomorrow I step into the shoes of my marvelous guide Linda Clarke. She walked by my side when I had no eyes to view the webinars, and her calm unpressured energy kept me feeling that all would be ok.

Here I am today, a year later and this time I am that guide who will be the one to keep my students uplifted and believing in themselves. I have a few people who decided to take up this course, and I wish for them the realizations that I had throughout my journey, and I continue to have because there is no way I can go back to a life of ignorance and not knowing.

I am fascinated when I think about what I have learned through the Master Keys and just how much of what I received was exactly what I had asked for regarding transparency, integrity, and authenticity. The knowledge gained here is cutting edge and what’s so unique about this experience is that you are genuinely cared for, genuinely supported and the people who you work with genuinely have your interest at heart. I suppose my experience has much to do with how I see the world and therefore I received the kind of standard that I did not think existed.

I came to discover the best way to learn is to teach, and therefore I am here to serve others and thus raise my learning and become an even more perfect human.

Click to view the first week of the MKMMA Course I took last year. As I work through as a certified guide, I will reflect on my journey and evaluate my growth.


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