Week 25 – Masterbation

The Most Powerful Tool for Creation


Do you want to be more YOUTHFULL & do you want to discover your GENIUS then you must discover the power of sexual energy?

Almost four years ago I happened to come across the book ‘THINK & GROW RICH’ by Napoleon Hill. The book fascinated me and although the words seemed to paint a picture that it was straightforward to adopt the characteristics of the successful giants he has interviewed for the book. The real crux of what he was sharing still seemed to elude me. The chapter on transmuting sexual energy went over my head, but I did remember a young boys club that my son had attended when he was little had addressed this issue. It was a religious group, and it had added the label of ‘SIN’ to masturbation and that it was the work of the devil. Deep down I had a desire to want to know more, but it was a topic which nobody would dare touch on because of the way society had made this energy the work of the devil, and it was a direct route to hell.

What is even more surprising is children as young as five, and even 2 feel the urge for masturbation, and many parents don’t know what to do and even know what to think. In a school, where I work with severe special needs, there is a very bright little girl who is about five years old and recently she has started making sounds and crossing her legs because she likes the way it feels for her. It was my first experience of a little girl displaying this action. The more experienced staff informed me this could often happen with children. Apparently, they would encourage the child to stop by distracting her and engaging her in other activities, and now only special adaptions are to be considered for her wheelchair to help her when she is in public and school. How can we help children with severe disabilities understand let alone the general world about this most powerful tool to harness tremendous accomplishments and achievements. We can but look at and learn without the judgemental lense of society.

The Bridge of Life

There are seven major glands which work together in an intimate dance. The great world thinker Sir William Osler said: “man’s body is a humming hive of working cells each with its specific function all under the central control of the brain and the heart, and all depend on the secretions of the glands which lubricate the wheel of life.” If any of these major glands are taken out of the equation then the human being is deprived of his ability to thrive and enhance in life. Fore-example if the ‘Thyroid Glad’ is deprived like it is with modern day lifestyles the man is deprived of his thought engines to work and gradually the stored knowledge in his mind ceases to be available within even a year.

Let’s look at the sexual glands at the lower part of the abdomen. It is through the functioning of these glands that life is created, and the process of reproduction carried out. When the secretions from these are not called upon for procreative purposes, they are poured into the cell life renewing the energy, strength, and vitality. If they fail to function, there is depression and general debility. It is clear then that if we can find some way to make these glands continue to perform, we can renew our health, strength, and youth indefinitely; because the THYROID develops vital energy, the PITUITARY controls blood pressure and promotes mental energy, the PANCREASE controls digestion and bodily vigour, the ADRENAL furnish peptides and ambition and the SEX glands control secretions which manifest as youth, strength, and power.




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