Week 24 – Do you Mastermind?

Exchange of Favors, the Exchange of Knowledge
is one of the greatest exchanges in the world.

“No one person can become a permanent success without taking others along with them.” – Napoleon Hill

I used to be a person who liked to keep herself to herself but as my circle of life embraced the latter half of PHASE 6 where I adopted a period of reactions and changes; I came to recognise just how vital it is to have a mastermind of people who have a genuine interest in you and your mission.

“No two minds ever come together without a third mind invisible force, which may be likened to a ‘third mind’. When a group of individual minds is coordinated and function in harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual in the group.”

 I started PHASE 6 attending many events and paying a lot of money to coaches from whom I felt I was a bouncing board for them instead. However, I am sure there would have been changes in me because there are no mistakes or regrets when one comes to recognize I am a body in a spirit and that this spirit is the one in control. If I had read that I was not the one in control in my 30’s (PHASE 5) I would have become angry and even annoyed feeling that I was not the one in control and all these challenges I was facing were not fair. My ego had a firm hold of me in my 30’s and yet I was still a kind and considerate person, who just had a lot on her plate which was most likely there because she was resisting things she knew she genuinely wanted but lacked clarity. To the outside world, I looked like a woman who had it all. A fantastic career as Director of her college, appearing on local radio and newspapers. However, I was genuinely lost and confused on the inside. I wouldn’t dare have shared my thoughts and ideas with anyone for fear of being judged and looking like I was not in control of my life.

Then it was in the later stage of PHASE 5 when my resistance to my true calling caused a mini-stroke. With three months in bed wondering why I was alive and if it wasn’t for my two children, I might not have had the motivation to get back on my feet. For two years I gradually brought myself back to health, but I was different. I didn’t want the life I had. I wanted out.

Today we hear so many people experiencing a similar story to that I shared above. They start asking themselves different questions. Questions which take them inside of themselves and that is when some of them come face to face with unacceptable of being lost and of being confused. Highly successful people with gleaming careers are experiencing such dramatic occurrences which change the direction of their lives entirely. They become a very different person.

It wasn’t until six months ago when I embarked on a course which I enrolled for just $1 that I stumbled across someone who had been sharing what I had been learning from dribs and drabs here and there all in one place. Mark had been delivering this material since 1975. I was just four years old then. I discovered the power of a mastermind; where similar minded people are drawn together to discuss how you are taking ACTION towards that which is your unique journey.

These masterminds have come to mean more as we begin to build a genuine relationship with people who we can share what we like and without any judgment. The most significant discovery I learned just in this last week, is how connected we are. When one is having success then so are the others. A real mastermind can become something phenomenal and something which is a gift.

If you have a dream or a burning desire for your life, put it out there to the universe that you would love to mastermind with people who are an investment in you, and you are an investment in them. Then leave it to the universe, and they will turn up. I used to mastermind with iconic figures that inspired me like Mahatma Gandhi, JLo, Evita and Micheal Mone. That’s a real mix, but it was sure fun. I can sometimes choose Iconic authors like Deepak Chopra or Wayne Dyer. Have fun and learn to ask questions that move you forward rather than keep you where you are. You will grow, and you will flow, thus making a difference in the lives of those around you and even more so those in a broader scope and you’ll have no idea just how huge your small actions impact is.


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