Week 5 – Opinions, Opinions, Opinions…


a view or judgment formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.
“that, in my opinion, is right.”

a statement of advice by an expert on a professional matter.
“if in doubt, get a second opinion.”

How often did I express my opinions? Well, I got a taste of that this week!

I kept finding myself asking ‘was that thought a judgment?’‘Did I just have an opinion about that person, just now?’ and it went on and on all through the week.

A rather unpleasant experience, I have to say. And guess, what!!!! Today I went out for a celebration meal with my parents. Every time, I said anything, it seemed like it was an opinion and my mother certainly doesn’t help things either. She always seems to be able to push buttons which I sometimes forget I have. Have you ever had that kind of experience.? I felt like I should have stayed home for these two weeks and not venture out for opinions are everywhere. I have a choice to make them or to observe what my mind is doing. Every time, I think I am getting better at understanding my inner world, I come to realize, just how much I don’t know.

The only action for me now is to learn NEW HABITS. Learn the habits of those who are successful. What do they do and what do they not do. I used to say, ‘it’s time to unlearn what I have learned from my past and learn new things’ – That is not my saying anymore. ‘It’s time to create NEW HABITS to override those that do not serve me in my quest to become the woman who will deliver on her goals and dreams.’

There is no room for the old habits, beliefs or knowledge. Whats most rewarding to discover is just how much my parents do support me. I love that my mother works hard to recognize I am not her, and I have my own life to lead. I admire her courage to let go. Let go of the culture and expectations she had grown up to believe. Sometimes we have a barrage of opinions which get thrown at each other and finally I have come to recognize she has her own life experiences which have created her beliefs and thus her values and I have mine.

The big thing for me to finally do is leave my opinions with myself and respect my mum for her views. Then become a patient observer of my mind to see how it responds to the opinions she will share. That is my level of skill at this stage, and I know it is wiser to be the observer than to try and use my will against myself. For that would be the actions of a foolish person.

Charles Haanel writes:
…many men and women have found to their sorrow that it is easier to control a kingdom than to control themselves


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