Week 10 – What is the Economy – does it follow the laws of nature for everone?

“Everywhere nature is lavish, wasteful, and extravagant.” Nowhere is the economy observed in any created thing.

A lack in this world exists because resources are artificially distributed to create lack and suffering.

This week I found it built very much on the learning about Wealth and Abundance of last week. All through my younger years, I was led to believe that if I had more, someone else would have to have less. I’m pleased to say I have worked hard to remove these thoughts and let them atrophy. Yet, sometimes when I am working with tradespeople, these thoughts come to mind. When an idea runs through my mind to say, “he’s charging you too much, he’s taking advantage of you.”

Another idea passes through, and it’s like there are two parts of me talking to one another. The second thought is that of reassurance.”

“Nobody can take away from you, that which is yours.”

When this second voice intercedes, I feel a calmness run through, faith and trust come back into the body, and I find myself relaxing. I trust that I am working with the kindest high-quality tradespeople who love to work for me to give me their best value and show up to the standard that I hold myself.

“We can only experience that which we already are.” That is my opinion.

There is abundance for everyone, but most of humanity is programmed to focus on the lack. We only attract more of lack. How has this happened? It has been happening incrementally for hundreds of years. It has been happening with our health, education, and understanding of wealth. Why and how could that happen? It happened because we as mainstream people are so busily consumed by our work and surviving that we don’t realize we are being slowly boiled and made to create our prisons.

Today, we are frustrated by the ever-restricted laws apposed upon us when these manufactured economics systems that is designed to breed lack and an imbalance. What can we do about it? There is much we can do. Therefore, I have strived to build a personal economy that can provide the security for my legacy that they may enjoy what life offers them in Wealth, Joy, Health, Happiness, and the freedom to bring to life their dreams.

We can all harness the spiritual laws of the universe because their power is superior, and they exist on the higher plane. It is a genuine desire that will bring people to this knowledge—the desire to build a better life for themselves.

Henry Drummond said, “In the physical world as we know it, there exists the organic and the inorganic. The inorganic of the mineral world is absolutely cut off from the plant or animal world; the passage is hermetically sealed. These barriers have never yet been crossed. No change in substance, no modification of the environment, no chemistry, no electricity, no form of energy, no evolution of any kind can ever endow a single atom of the mineral world with the attributes of life”

The words of Henry suggest that when we harness with the higher spiritual laws, it is like hundreds and thousands of men are working for us to make our desires our experience. Therefore, meditation and eating foods from nature are a step towards harnessing that power. Still, surrendering to life can bring about a way of experiencing life that can be truly liberating, but it takes courage and faith to do so.


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