Week 9 – Health, Wealth, and Love

Everyone would admit that Health is essential, but not everyone will acknowledge that Wealth is necessary, but most will admit a sufficient supply is needed. All will recognize that Love could be the first essential for humanity.

Many people like me would have grown up with parents who, despite having an abundance, always talked about not having enough. They would spend their time worrying about things that never really happened and limited themselves and their children in how they experienced life. This created an environment lacking in growth, especially in the essentials necessary in life, such as Health, Love, and Joy.


Part 9 of the Master Keys opens by discussing these necessities for life and discovering the secret of the ‘mechanism’ we as humans need to attach ourselves. Every human being has access to this mechanism, but circumstances in our environment have hidden it.

When my parents were growing up, they were the children who experienced War. War was forced upon humanity by people who held energies of force, conflict, and destruction to gain power. Today, hundreds of years later, again, we experience people in power manipulating the environment where people are exposed to division, conflict, worry, frustration, and force.

In our environment, humanity is peppered with: Covid 19, digital currency, AI, destruction of businesses, restriction to movement, dumbing down of education, the family unit breaking down, simple freedoms removed, and now even the right to decide what individuals would want to be put in their bodies with medication.

It sounds bleak, yet it feels like something vital is emerging through this oppressive force, and I have never felt a strong desire to dedicate my mind, thoughts, and commitment to finding the ‘world within’. That is where the secret mechanism that connects me to the infinite can be discovered. I feel firmly rooted in my being, though I have very few people around me who think like me. However, if we as mankind are all connected, which I believe we are, then the work that I am doing to connect to the inner mechanism will resonate out to others. This is my strong belief.


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