Week 7 – Forgive everyone for everything including yourself and bless them all…

you are no longer chained to them and blocking your abundance. Forgiveness will bring to you that which you desire.

You can be what “you will to be.”

MKE Activities that draw my DMP towards me faster

The actions for this week with the Master Key Experience were to record my voice saying my DMP (Definite Major Purpose), and affirmations. This is because my subconscious has no defense against my own voice. It cannot resist it and it will instead, find the opportunities that will bring to me that which I desire. My choice of music is ‘Blinding Lights by The Weekend’ – The whole of this year, this piece of music captivates me, and the lyrics make me feel free and unjudged. Listening to my voice when I am running, also ensures I am adding movement because we have different ways to absorb information into our subconscious, and recording our voice is one of the seven ways of learning.

Another way I am helping my subconscious absorb what I want is by having shapes stuck around my home. Every time I see one of these shapes, my mind instantly brings to my front mind the goal that shape is attached to. This way, I am always keeping my goals at the forefront throughout my day.

I was even more grateful when my teaching agency canceled my work. It meant that I could focus on the MKE and catch up with some of the activities that had fallen to the side since last week’s focus on completing the property deal.

Mental Diet – A Weekly Challenge

As Mark recommended in the webinar, I started the Mental Diet by Emmet Fox, immediately. Within the first 30 min, I had already found myself in despair with a mortgage that hadn’t transferred to a lower rate product deal. I realized I was speaking in anger with the assistant, and then I knew I had to start the mental diet again. I will have to keep a notebook with me throughout the week to see if I can achieve at least seven days in a row.


In Part 7 of Charles Haanel, Master Key Experience, he shares the power of visualization. This week my lesson was to strengthen my visualization muscle. In-Line one, Haanell describes how visualization creates the mold of the future we wish to experience. As I had taken the Master Keys before some four years ago; earlier this year and before starting the Master Keys again; I would pretend to drive my little VW Polo as though I was driving the Aston Martin Car that I had on my vision board. Some, what seemed to be unfortunate circumstances at the start of 2021 resulted in buying my dream car in August this year. You may be thinking, what has this got to do with my title about the power of ‘FORGIVENESS’?

Power of Forgiveness

I can genuinely say, the more I forgave myself for getting things wrong, the earlier part of this year, the lighter and calmer I started to feel. The lighter and clearer I felt, the more I was present when visualizing how I wanted to experience my life. I lived in the present moment as though my life was already what I wanted and I got to experience purchasing my dream car, in a way that was beyond what I had imagined.

Line 12: Part 7 – The law is that thought will manifest in form!

The most magnificent part of doing all this work on myself is that my vibration went on to nurture my daughter and her friends. My daughter kept practicing the law of visualization and manifested her first home in London. Her motivational drive was to simply give her two cats more space as they had grown out of her flat. Furthermore, her friend, who was around most of the time, ended up manifesting his dream car too.

So when we make the best of ourselves, we are inspiring others to do the same too. Watching my children grow and live the lives they want makes my hard work to make my dreams come true even more worth it.

When you forgive yourself, you will find your children will grow and prospour too. That makes the hard mental work worth it!

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