Week 35 – Growing & Expanding by…

letting it be!!

In my quest to continue to expand my consciousness, I have come to recognize that as my awareness grows, what I think about comes into manifestation rather quickly. In fact, the world is unveiling what has always been there.

I have come to realize the outcomes of my manifestation are sometimes not the same as what I had visualized to be the outcome, the pathway is somewhat less clear or more challenging. Maybe that is because this is the right path for me and it’s about trusting and not associating with any meaning. To someone who is new to all this, this will sound completely nonsensical. Trust me it’s nonsensical to even those on the path and yet it still makes sense.

Like you, I have wondered about ideas and have found it difficult to explain my thoughts with the kind of clarity that eliminates any chance of others imprinting their interpretation and taking what I am saying down a path that is far from the meaning of my words. I know even from reading these words, you the reader already have your mind working to create pictures to interpret my words so that you can derive meanings reflective of your attitudes and interpretation of the world in which you experience your reality.

There is no reality –
the only reality is what you chose to see!

It is the best way to be, in my opinion. Look at experts, for example; they have predetermined belief systems into which they try to squeeze you.  However, starting out by going to one of these experts is the best way, ”in my opinion, to start on this journey of looking inside of yourself as to the experiences we are having in the outer world.

Where I am today, is at the stage of letting go of the old me. The one that held on to emotions which have been creating blocks for the abundance that’s sitting there waiting to be released. What’s more, I learn that as I release these emotions and let them go, I am in fact raising the vibration of not just myself but everyone that is around me. When I came to realize this scientific fact, I feel liberated. I can focus on me and when I focus on me, I am in fact reflecting my own transformation on to others and bettering life for us all. In fact, there is NO THEM! This is all my own creation so that consciousness may know itself.

Simply put, when I can control my consciousness by letting go of emotions that do not serve me like guilt, anger, shame etc. I am harnessing the power of my mind to activate the splendid machinery of my brain and influence my environment around me. I understand why I must guard my mind against thoughts and emotions that do not serve me, and the more I am focusing my attention on this; the lighter and clearer I feel.

When an emotion comes up that does not serve, all I am doing is letting the emotion surface. Staying with the emotion and letting it run its course without wanting to make it different or do anything about it. What this means is I place my focus on the energy behind the emotion. How does this work?

  • I allow myself to have the feeling without resisting it, venting it, fearing it, condemning it or moralizing about it
  • I drop all judgment and come to see that it is JUST a feeling.
  • I drop all wanting to resist the feeling. (If we resist even once, this keeps the feeling going. It will surface again and again)
  • This is how I am moving to the next feeling in the consciousness matrix and I feel much lighter.
  • Eventually, the feeling will disappear as I focus on the energy behind the feeling.

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