Week 9 – money challenge – Receiving

When the subconscious mind must choose
between deeply rooted emotions and logic,
emotions will almost always win.

Every emotion is a vibration, and it will attract the same back to you. Learn to ask a different question, so that your emotional vibration rises.

It was during my Mastermind this week, and I recognized I was resisting ‘Receiving.’ How do I know I was resisting? – When one of my lovely team members, praised me with so much enthusiasm and appreciation. I felt myself becoming uncomfortable because it was something I had never experienced before. She was sincere in her words, and I felt EMBARRASSMENT! I wanted to hide, to cover myself up away from receiving the incredible recognition and appreciation.

When I related my feelings back to the mastermind, they were surprised, but when I relaid similar appreciation back to them, they too realized they had similar feelings about ‘receiving‘ praise. We cannot be financially free unless we know how to receive in all areas of our lives. How often have I used the words ‘oh, it was nothing’ or smiling with embarrassment wanting praise to stop. I’ve done it throughout my life until now that I have become increasingly self-aware that I recognize feelings that serve me and those that do not, in an instant. According to Dr. David Hawkins the Human Behaviour specialist, each of our emotions have a vibration frequency and not receiving praise is the same as feeling GUILTY or SHAME. Both of these vibrations are at the lowest rate of vibration, which means that when money does come your way, it will find a way to leave you soon so that you continue to feel GUILT and SHAME (learn more about the emotional vibrations by clicking here). The same happens in relationships.

T.Harv Eker says: ‘The lack of money is never, ever, ever the problem. A lack of money is merely a symptom of whats going on underneath.

Today I went out to spend my PLAY jar, and it was exciting because I hadn’t done anything like this for at least five years. There were mixed emotions around it and many different thoughts. Some thoughts were; ‘Save the money so you can get something bigger and better,’ or ‘this is not that exciting really.’ There was negative self-talk taking place within and often I even heard the words of my parents saying; ‘this is stupid, what you are doing. Childish and a waste of time and money.’ Though I still went ahead and bought a lovely pair of shoes, a new dress, a new makeup pallet and a skin polishing device. How did I feel at the end of the day? – OK and even happy. I realized more work is required around receiving and the best part is that I am aware of it.

About a week ago, I decided I wanted to see more Notes and this time I was specific and decided I wanted to see my Jars fill with £20 notes. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that was what was happening this week. I started this journey with just a few pennies, and I am seeing Notes now drop into my jars.


What cash have I deposited in my FFA (Financial Freedom) Account in week eight and my Play Account?

Day 50 – £2.50
Day 51 – £1.50
Day 52 – £5.00
Day 53– £10.00
Day 54 –£2.50
Day 55 – £2.01
Day 56 – £10.00

Week 8 – Total Deposited £33.51

Play Account

Day 15 -£2.50
Day 16 – £1.50
Day 17 – £5.00
Day 18 – £10.00
Day 19 – £2.50
Day 20 – £2.01
Day 21 – £10.00

Week 8 – Total Deposited £33.51



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