Week 5 – money challenge – Re-imagine your MONEY identity

A MONEY blueprint

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Hundreds of people turned to their left and walked slowly one behind the other weaving through the rows of seats we were all once sitting in comfortably. It was like a traffic jam, but one made up of humans holding £50 notes tightly in a grasp. Some faces wore expressions of fear, some wore smiles with nervous laughter as they looked at the faces of others around them. Some expressions were bewildered as if they were asking themselves ‘is this really going to happen?’ Some wore expressions which read a ‘sadistically keen desire’ to burn their money, as their bodies jumped up and down with enthusiasm at the challenge ahead. “What would you think if someone asked you to burn a £50 note and it was part of your learning experience. Would you do it?” 

My heart pounded in my chest, ‘do I really want to burn this £50 note in my hand?’ I heard a conversation within my head discussing the true value of the £50 note. ‘It’s just a tool!’ said the voice. ‘I’m sure they will compensate us if they ask us to burn it.’ reasured another. The real clux was, I was prepared to burn the £50 note, just to discover the learning that I could/would be uncovered. My children stood beside me holding their £50 notes and starring at each other in silence, wondering how they might react when it comes to there turn to burn their money. None of us spoke to each other. We just stared nervously at the people around us all showing different emotions and behaviours to the action of burning their money.

There was a strange energy of mixed emotions filling the conference hall. Buckets of water, placed ready under the burning candles, so we could drop the burning paper into them. We held our money even tightly, palms sweating at the thought of what could be done with the £50. But I was prepared to make the scacrifice, as the thought of a prayer ran across my mind reassuring me the money that is meant to come to me, can never be taken by another unless I desire it to be so. What was my desire here – I didn’t want to think anymore. I just wanted to DO and leave the figuring out for later, I knew I was curious!

Belief’s about MONEY

When we are born, we have no idea about money, and yet all our needs are met. We make sure the world knows we are here with our nonstop crying, that’s for sure. I became a grandma just two months ago, and I look at my beautiful granddaughter, wondering how she will form her beliefs. It is lovely to watch this beautiful little soul, look up at me with her little eyes. She chose to be born within the small family I had raised as a single mum. What am I going to demonstrate to her about money, through my actions, words, and emotions?

Where did my own beliefs about money come? – They came from my environment as I grew up. What do I want my grandchild to experience about cash because what she creates emotional links to with regards to money, will form her future blueprint!

What Beliefs do you have about MONEY?

Thoughts that wire together fire together.

1. What is MONEY for you? Choose descriptions that you already have, and you will attract more of the same? –

  • Money is an opportunity to have choices.
  • Money is a feeling of being able to do anything I want without asking someone else’s permission.
  • Money is knowing I can do whatever I want and whenever I want.
  • etc., etc

2. What is WEALTH for you?

  • Wealth is exploring the world with the ones you love with privacy and flexibility.
  • Wealth is helping others to enjoy their independence, free of emotions and burdens.
  • Wealth is watching animals live happily with human beings, both nurturing each other.
  • etc., etc

3. RICH people are…?

  • RICH people are very imaginative, fun, kind and loyal.
  • RICH people are making the world a better place by helping to create things that make the lives of others better.
  • RICH people are courageous and helpful.
  • etc., etc

4. What reason do you have as to why you can’t or may not become extremely wealthy? (LIST A FEW)

5. What are some of the possible negatives about being rich or going through the process of trying to get rich? (LIST SEVERAL)

6. What are your greatest worries and fears regarding money and wealth? (LIST A FEW)


What cash have I deposited in my FFA (Financial Freedom) Account in week four?

Day 22 – £0.40 cash
Day 23 – £0.01 cash
Day 24 – £1.42 cash
Day 25– £4.41 cash
Day 26 – £1.61 cash
Day 27 – £1.35 cash
Day 28 – £4.26 cash

Week 4 – Total Deposited £13.46


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