Week 29 – What’s really steering your life?

How do you serve the world?

(From my DMP which I read 3x every single day. Once in the morning, once at noon and once before sleep. DMP* Definate Major Purpose)

‘Before the 31st December 2018, I released 3000 young people from their emotional chains; for which I am paid 36K a month to spend on myself and my future generations.’


You Are Gold

I’m in a school with children who have severe disabilities. Every child unique and with differing needs. We made our way back to the classroom from a whole school assembly, which I can desribe like it is a zoo, with children crying, children unable to sit and wondering everywhere or running out of the hall with assitants running after them. But they all do their best to give the children an experience that other children have in schools around the country and even around the world.

On arriving back to the classroom there are two adults around a girl aged about 14 in a wheelchair who was having a seizure. I hadn’t ever witnessed a seizure before, and this one is severe. The young girl’s hands are sweating, and as I stroked her legs, I could feel her legs stiffen and relax as she bore the brunt of the seizure. The carers were doing their best with words of encouragement to motivate her to pull herself through without administering the medication, which makes her groggy and sick for several days, due to its potency.

Why do I choose to share this story with you, you may be thinking! – We live in an abundant country. A country where we are blessed to have people who can share their love with these children. Where we have the facilities to provide adequate care for people who do not have the fundamental human functions that we take for granted.

As I discover more and more about spirituality and how our outer world is a reflection of our inner world; I wondered why I was having this experience in my life. Why was I working in a school with severe special needs? I hadn’t chosen to work in this school, I was brought here, somehow the children like me, so the school consistently asks for me to work with their children, even though I don’t have the background of a ‘special needs’ teacher. These children, in my opinion, are here to show us the kind of LOVE that is more powerful than any other.

Unconditional Love

I have been curious about ‘UNCONDITIONAL LOVE’ since I was very young, and at the age of 18, I came across a family who had adopted a young boy with severe special needs. They showed him LOVE and KINDNESS that I had never experienced in my life, and I was in awe. I had to get my parents to meet this couple, I hadn’t even seen anyone with severe special needs in the UK before this moment.

This was in complete contrast to when my parents took me to Pakistan aged 16, I saw a young girl there with special needs having spasams, while we went into a public bus. My mother pulled me away, saying things like the girl was possessed by evil spirits. My mother was very young and she was just repeating to me what she had been told by the adults in her life as she grew up. I remember, feeling ashamed and angry that I was being forced to see this girl in a very unkind and unloving manner and that bothered me. I wanted to be kind to the girl, and I wanted to show her, that just because she was different, I accept her as she was. Even if she didn’t have the conscious ability to realize, I wanted to show her I cared about her.

Your Conciousness

The video below is a story about the Golden Buddha a very famous story. You will discover how emotions stick to us like cement over our lifetime and create our outer worlds. Every two people can have different perceptions about the same thing because their emotions create beliefs and the beliefs come from ‘THOUGHTS’. These emotions require dramatic things to happen before they can become loose enough to fall off. THOUGHTS have to change. Sometimes this cement may take some decades before it can drop off, but when it starts to drop off you discover your true self.

Over the last few years, the emotion of SHAME, GUILT, HOPELESSNESS, GRIEF, FEAR, DISAPPOINTMENT ANGER, HATE, and PRIDE have become loose enough that they have fallen away to help me to discover COURAGE, TRUST, OPTIMISM, ACCEPTANCE, UNDERSTANDING, and LOVE. It took a mini-stroke, the pain of my children, confused and lost as to where they fitted in the world and even the relationship of my siblings full of fraught ANGER and DISAPPOINTMENT for the cement to start to loosen up.

As a result of feeling, COURAGE, TRUST, OPTIMISM, ACCEPTANCE, and LOVE start to nurture my body, I have come to FEEL and indeed sense UNCONDITIONAL LOVE hence why I am at this school with children with severe special needs.

The Map of CONSCIOUSNESS below helped me to discover what cement is still yet to fall off of, and I have started to discover the true meaning of life for me?

Each emotion is identified with a number which determines it’s frequency. What that means is that the lower the frequency like GUILT, this is an emotion linked with ‘victimhood’ and this is where your body is open to psycomatic disease, accident-proneness and suicidal behaviours. Many people try and ignore GUILT by denying it rather than accepting it. Once you accept you are feeling the emotion of GUILT, your body will raise up the frequencies moving through the emotions until you reach the levels where cement can start to come away like the level of OPTAMISM, TRUST and ACCEPTANCE etc.

David Hawkins – Map/Scale of Conciousness

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