Week 4 – money challenge – A Reality or an Illusion?


Why is it the more I explore Money and delve into Myself? The more confused I become, the more curious I become, and the more hungry I grow to understand more.One thing for sure MONEY is SPIRITUAL – It operates with the exact mathematical accuracy of GRAVITY and it is tighed to our EMOTIONS. How do I know that – because of the patterns I have noticed playing out in my life over and over with regards to money.

In my earlier blog this week, I shared my discovery of how the belief “I’m not ready,” unfolded to a belief that “I’m not enough.” I was so surprised to have this belief reveal itself again and frustrated to discover it was still there. It’s like a weed refusing to die. I recognize we must continue to treat the garden of the mind because the weeds keep coming up even when you think they are all gone. (Every Day, I read my ‘SERVICE CARD’. This card helps me to re-program my mind and on it I have listed what I PROMISE to do on  a daily basis – I read this card in the morning, noon and before I go to bed with enthusiasm so that I am regularly feeding my mind to keep out the weeds.)

My most significant learning this week is my realization that ‘I AM ENOUGH!’ I realized there was the negative energy still lingering in my body, and I hadn’t consciously paid attention to it until creating the exercise I shared with you in my blog this week with the NLP exercise called SLIGHT OF MOUTH. The energy of “IM NOT ENOUGH” was showing up in my finances. I desire to experience my purse as my father experiences his when he opens his wallet. It is full of £20 pound notes, and that pleases me because he is a source of liquid abundance, that is my aspiration too. In my wallet, I now have loose change that I put into my FFA (Financial Freedom Account), daily. I only used to keep my credit cards in there before and no cash.

It’s fascinating that I had amassed over a million in property; only because I have a belief that I am creating a LEGACY for future generations. Then when it comes to fulfilling my own needs, I experienced STRUGGLE which is on the frequency of 126. When one of my tenants paid their rent a few days earlier than I had expected, I felt lighter and hopeful, and these vibrations were of a frequency of 310 where optimism lives. It is so vital to recognize that I am creating high and low vibrations in my emotions and these are showing up in my finances. It’s like a roller coaster ride every month.

Bob Procter says;”when we are cold, we focus on the warmth and heat, and thus we create the warmth and heat.”

Why then when finances are in the minus figures, are we focusing on the minus figures. We must place our focus on thoughts of increasing the funds and do whatever it is to add to the finances consistently. I am adding any change, every day to my FFA Account. I must focus on creating liquid wealth just as much as I think about creating for the future generations.

“If your holding thoughts of lack and limitation – that’s what you have to get. You can ONLY get what you think about – THAT IS OUR ORDER FORM FOR THE UNIVERSE.” – Bob Procter

DAY 21

I am consistently discovering how well my knowledge of the Law of Attraction is working, with regards to Money. I do not claim to be an expert. I am like everyone else, an ordinary person BEING MORE, DOING MORE and as a result, HAVING MORE so I can keep discovering how to GIVE MORE.

Yesterday I was chatting with my daughter who is also taking this challenge. We mastermind together, we know we can trust each other, and we know we can see each other’s blind spots. Our blind spots show up when we talk. The words we use to describe situations, our feelings, and how we communicate our experiences must all vibrate at 200 or above. Otherwise, we are destroying each other’s dreams and aspirations. That’s how important and influential a mastermind is. What I experience in my outer world is a result of my thinking, but it can affect others around me too. How many people today recognize how powerful their thoughts are in influencing others around them. The one thing that gives me great hope is knowing, what I am experiencing today, is a result of what I was thinking five years ago. How I feel today, is creating my reality for what I TRUST I will experience soon.

I shared with my daughter that all the money I had been putting into my financial freedom fund (FFA) was used to pay my mortgage bill today. I was careful not to label the occurrence or attach any emotion, but just to stay the observer. I was wondering why that was my observation. She described how every day she puts every penny she has into her FFA account. I shared that I only put a few pennies or pounds but never my whole loose change. I realized I was not trusting the Universe. I was holding some loose change behind to put in for the next day, just in case I had no cash. I was NOT putting my FAITH, and TRUST in the Law of Attraction, even though I thought I was, my actions were showing a different story.

When I realized this; I felt a sense of relief because I could stretch my belief and trust further. It was like the universe lets you know what you must do if you pay attention and think. As a result, I deposited all my loose change into my FFA account and discovered a small money box which had euro’s in it. I thought to myself; my focus is to ensure I do the full action every day no matter what. Even if it means, I take a walk and see if I come across any loose change on the floor or ask someone if they had any change they didn’t want. I was prepared to step out of my comfort zone. That could sound desperate; however, I am prepared to do whatever it takes, to ensure I am depositing into my FFA daily. It’s not the amount that counts or even where I get it. The only thing that matters is that I do the action and observe the emotions that come to the surface.

What have I deposited in my FFA Account in the week three?

Day 15 – £1.16 cash
Day 16 – £2.86 cash
Day 17 – £0.49 cash
Day 18– £0.21 cash
Day 19 – £0.01 cash
Day 20 – £0.60 cash
Day 21 – £0.70 cash

Week 3 – Total Deposited £6.03



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