Week 27 – is POSSIBLE!!!


Seven years ago I attended a course where the trainer stepped into my life offering my son a life-line. With two teenage children struggling to make sense of their role in the world, I had my hands full. I tried to talk to my son, but that would exasperate the situation. He became increasingly angry, punching the walls and doors until his knuckles bled. I even thought he might lash out. He was angry, so very very angry and he was just 17. I could not understand why. Nothing seemed to be working, and he wouldn’t let me into his life. I was prepared to do anything to see my children happy, and I delivered on that, only really making life unhappier for all three of us. I learned you couldn’t sacrifice your happiness in the hope that you’re children become happy. Your only making the situation worse, because they know you’re unhappy, they can sense it.

Research shows, 55% of our impact is determined by our body language – posture, gestures and eye contact. – 38% by our tone of voice and only 7% by our words. (The Journal of Counselling Psychology Vol. 31, 1967)

With my knowledge expanding on how as human beings, we also vibrate on the frequency of our thoughts. What that means, is what we think about for example has an emotion attached to it. Certain emotions vibrate on frequencies that will attract more of those emotions towards us. FEAR, for example, vibrates on the frequency of 100 and although we can not eliminate FEAR, we can certainly use it as a tool to push ourselves through it and grow towards COURAGE which is an emotion that vibrates on the frequency of 200.

When we come to understand the vibrations of our emotions we recognize we attract everything in our lives. When I stepped into becoming a better version of myself, I had stepped into COURAGE. Because I stepped into COURAGE, it raised the vibration around me, and as a result, I was drawing opportunities towards my children and myself.


John Lennon’s song shouts out ‘the law of compensation’ when I listen to it. It brings me to tears because if it wasn’t for that trainer stepping into my life and offering my son a FREE Diploma on the course, I cannot say what my son’s life could have been today. This act of kindness transformed not my son’s life, but my life, my daughter’s life and to this day to transform my parent’s life and touch lives that I will never know. Many parents look desperately to councilors or medications for depression and anxiety to help themselves and even their children. They are vibrating on the frequencies of GRIEF (75 vibrations) or HOPELESSNESS (50 vibrations) or even on GUILT (30 vibrations) and HUMILIATION (20 vibrations). The lower the vibration the closer you are to bringing yourself to the point of self-destruction; at this point disease and illness start to attack the body because it is vibrating at such a weak frequency.


Imagine a world where people develop their abilities to such an extent that the law of compensation fulfills all their dreams as they help transform the lives of others, without looking to be paid first.

“If riches increase, they are increased that use them. If the gatherer gathers too much, nature takes out of the man what she puts into his chest; swells the estate, but kills the owner. Nature hates monopolies and exceptions. ….. There is always some levelling circumstances that puts down the overbearing, the strong, the rich, the fortunate, substantially on the same ground with all others.”Ralph Waldo Emerson

We live in a world where MONEY has a voice. People show off their wealth, and they think that brings them status, recognition, and respect. The action of this trainer bought LOYALTY from my family and I. I often tell my children to become the most magnificent versions of themselves and their challenge is to remain humble with success. I have met millionaires who have amassed great wealth and yet live a gentle life. A life that gives them the autonomy to do what they like and when. That is what’s truly inspirational, my father is someone who lives his life with this outlook in life. He has built pharmacy’s, made wells for people in poor communities and he never shared all his philanthropic work until I asked him just a week ago.

The more I observe the LAW of COMPENSATION, the more I am learning about the influential role our emotions play in it. These are what I once believed was KARMA and yet I had attached negative connotations to karma, assuming it was only when bad things happened. That’s not the case. Like in John Lennon’s music, he sings ‘imagine there is no heaven, it’s easy if you try. No hell below us. Above us only sky…” – How much more responsibility would human beings take in living their lives in accordance to the LAW OF COMPENSATION, and when they truly understand this law, we would live in a world where people are equal and respected for each other’s uniqueness.

I desire to live my life following my understanding of the LAW OF COMPENSATION. I am grateful I have seen it operate in my life many times. When I refused to take my ex-husband to court for financial support, even though I had to live a basic life, the universe was amassing great success for me in the background.

My needs have always been met, with direct ratio to the value I gave and continue to give my children. The amount I used to give out was just to my two children and now that they are grown up; I desire to give my value out to the world because I can. With the higher understanding, I now have of the law of compensation and how self-sacrifice works against this law; I am equipt to share my knowledge with action and see what kind of life I can continue to create for my legacy and the legacy of others who share my values.



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