Week 16 – The Law Of Severns

Had you ever heard of the LAW OF SEVERENS?

I hadn’t until I started reading Part 16 of the Master Key Experience by Charles Haanel.

One of the fascinating parts has been the Law of Severns. It governs the days of the week, the phases of the moon, the harmonies of sound, light, heat, electricity, magnetism, atomic structure. How incredible is that! Reading further I find it is this law that governs humans, and even nations; and that it dominates the activities of the commercial world. My desire to want to know more burned even greater.

Looking at the life of individuals, I mapped out the ages and what life is experiencing during these periods.

  1. We have the first seven years: 0-7 and this is the period of infancy.
  2. From 7-14  is the period of childhood and representing the beginning of individual responsibility.
  3. Next seven years from 14-21 represent the period of adolescence and is known as the third period.
  4. The fourth period marks the attainment of full growth and is from 21-28.
  5. In the fifth period from 28-34 is the constructive period when individuals begin to acquire property, possessions, home, and family.
  6. The sixth period from 35-42 is a period of reactions and changes.
  7. The seventh period of reconstruction (43 – 49) also known as the Millennium; and a period of adjustment and recuperation, so we are to be ready for a new cycle of sevens beginning with the fiftieth year.

I am now at the tail end of my seventh period as I embrace my 46th birthday. I can say it feels like life has gone through the washing machine and I am recuperating and have gained that clarity I was seeking for where I will be shooting my arrows for this year and the years to come. Learning and embedding this knowledge has allowed for courage and optimism to surround me because I understand everything is part of a higher intention and we are all in this together. It becomes beautiful and gratifying to have realised where I am in this cycle of my life experience on earth.



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