Week 23 – Letting GO!

Here is where I want you!!!


The last time I was just 18 years old and being wheeled down the emergency hospital to have my stomach pumped. I had surrendered to life, I was tired and could not fight anymore. I just gave in to whatever will be will be.

It’s now 28 years later, and today I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. Life sure is such a rollercoaster of emotions. One day you can be on a high, and another day you can be on a low. It wasn’t until I discovered the Master Key Experience and understanding the role of our emotions that I come to recognize just how powerful a tool our feelings are. They can open worlds for us we can’t even see yet and whats even more amazing is that these worlds reveal themselves gradually, as we accustom and grow in our awareness and our knowing.

Coming to the realization we are each a body living within a spirit has started to come to greater understanding everytime I think of this concept. I am where I am today because something much more significant than my body wants me to be here. My role in my personality and my body is to maintain a clean and bright channel, and that’s just like being a farmer. I tend to my thoughts by understanding what I am feeling at any given time. I tend to my health and vitality to ensure my mind and body’s connection is strong.

Knowing this knowledge is one thing, ensuring its applied is another. The temptation of the world is vast. Regularly I have unhealthy foods and chocolates calling out to me. Often I can be in earshot of conversations which challenge my ability to stay in high positive vibration and yet these challenges are all there to strengthen my resolution and to help me to develop my focus. Where I am in my life today is where I am supposed to be. Everything that happens to me and is happening to me right now is happening to take me somewhere. I may not know exactly where that ‘somewhere’ is, BUT I know my job in this body is to be clear and to be in the emotions that I like and desire. So many people do not realize when they are in the feeling of ‘NOT FEELING GOOD’ they are creating more of that same thing.

The real magic of all this knowledge is coming into the realization that when I keep myself in a loving, kind and happy emotion, I am transforming all those around me and they don’t even know it. How powerful is that and even more fun because I can enjoy and learn just how empowering it can be to be selfish and yet compassionate at the same time.


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