Week 12 – Experiment#1: My Seven Day Mental Diet

Our bodies are composed of the foods we have eaten in the past! What if that also goes for the thoughts we think?

‘What we eat today, they say, will be in our bloodstream well after the lapse of so many hours and it is our bloodstream that builds all the tissues composing our bodies.’ – I read that in the book ‘The Seven Day Mental Diet’ written by Emmet Fox. Have you heard about this little book? – If not, do check it out!!

For a long time, I have believed our thoughts played a big part in the way our bodies are in regards to looking vibrant, young and even how we age.

I’ve tried many times to observe the ‘mental diet’ and recognised my intention behind the action could be much more firm. I thought to myself, “I’m already a very positive person, I bet I am doing this mental diet already but without knowing it.” Well to put my curiosity to rest, this week, right now I have decided to do the mental diet with a firm conviction that I will follow through and be the observer of myself. Rereading the book and highlighting passages, excites me because I want to experience the changes the action guarantees. I already do love my life, and I just want to see what more this person who I am can achieve through mastering herself and her mind. It’s a fun exercise and one that I will record every day on this blog as a record of my real experience:

Day 1: Tuesday 12th – 6.24pm –
It’s about Curiosity and Insight

‘You may start any day in the week, and at any time in the day, first thing in the morning, or after breakfast, or after lunch, it does not matter’

So I have decided to make my decision to start NOW. (DO IT NOW!) Something which I say 25 times, twice a day or more. Something that has helped me to become more confident in my decisions. Right now I am embarking on a new adventure, an adventure of experiencing the SEVEN DAY MENTAL DIET the most exciting experiment that I could make, according to Emmet Fox. He mentions in his book; it is the ‘most thrilling inter’ interesting hobby that anyone could take up’ – Now that would be an exciting hobby to have and would make interesting conversation.

My prescription for seven days, wouldn’t it be amazing to get the 7 DAY MENTAL DIET as a prescription from the doctor. It could probably transform the world, and it would be free too. I will be watching myself for a whole week like a cat watches a mouse. My mind cannot dwell on any thought that is NOT positive, constructive, optimistic and kind. According to Emmet Fox; physical fasting would be like child’s play in comparison, even if I had a good appetite. It is also the most exhausting form of army gymnastics, combined with a thirty-mile route march, which would be mild in comparison with this undertaking. So I am taking this seriously and will choose two words to sum up each day and select these words a day in advance, to see how my world revolves around those words on the next day.


‘Hold on steadily, let it rock, and when the rocking is over, the picture will have reassembled itself into something much nearer to your heart’s desire.’ – Emmet Fox


I felt I had to blog this. It’s now just 45min after making a conscious decision to do the 7-day mental diet. I had news three of my tenants have given notice they will be moving out. Before this news, I received the news that my son’s company has sold. The company suggests to all the employees to look for an alternative job! WOW! – I am the observer, and I trust life takes care of me. In The Seven Day Mental Diet, Emmet Fox writes that ‘our thoughts are so close to us that it is difficult, without a little practice, to stand back as it were and look at them objectively.’ He also mentions that people who decide to embark on this inner adventure ‘often find that the starting of this diet seems to stir up all sorts of difficulties. It seems as though everything begins to go wrong at once.’

It’s interesting to read that, as it’s only less than an hour and I am surprised to hear the news about three tenants in one go, and my 20 years as a landlord, this has not been the case. It’s also come at a time where other things have also come up which I will not label to observe my commitment to the mental diet. Emmet Fox goes on to say, ‘this means that things are moving, and hold it steady, allowing the outside world to rock.’ He describes the picture will be different after the 7-day mental diet, and when the rocking is over, it will be something much nearer to my heart’s desire.

Day 2: Wednesday 13th – 7.47pm –
It’s about Willingness and Optimism

‘In with the New and out with the Old!’

I did have tears today while affirming to myself, “I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, youthful and happy.” I came home to the letter stating I’m being taken to court for unpaid council tax, which I had paid and after sorting that out even though they are still insisting I pay a small fine for admin fees! Hardly ten min later, I received a message from a tenant in one of the houses showing a video of the ceiling collapsing into the kitchen. That’s when I did cry and remind myself of what Emmet Fox writes “Do not start lightly!” I can understand why he says that and then further on he describes how starting this diet can rock someone’s world when they first start. Maybe what is happening in my outside world is exactly a reflection of my inner world. My inner world, my mind is being “disciplined in order to be bent in a new direction once and for all.”

I was grateful my son came straight from work, and between us, we were able to clear up the debris and remove the damaged ceiling. I hadn’t even had the chance to remove my coat after walking in after work. I wiped my mascara off and kept affirming and reminding myself the Universe has my back, and I am safe. Negative thoughts around money and finance were attempting to enter my mind. No coincidence that the world that’s rocking around me is in the arena of money, it gets better, then it rock’s again, wildly. I must learn to train myself to choose the subject of my thinking as Emmet Fox describes. I have the power to select my moods, and one of the Laws of the mind is The Law of Substitution: We cannot think about two things at the same time. ‘Resist not evil’ – meaning turn from it and think about something else instead. Today I have been doing that frequently. Emmet Fox also writes “it is not the thoughts that come to you that matter, but only such of them as you choose to entertain and dwell upon.” I often found myself thinking of my affirmations and changing my mind to gratitude by using the Law of Substitution.

My day started with a call from my daughter; someone had opened a ‘Cat Cafe.’ That was MY idea. I wanted that to be one of my projects. Then I very quickly realized this was not the right thought for my mental diet and rejected the idea with a counter affirmation. Realising that someone has done that quickly and maybe the universe is telling me to get a move on with the projects that I have started. I am pleased someone has done this, and little kittens are being loved, homed and enjoyed. Who knows, I may be able to make that also my reality in the future.

At work, I get asked, if I would work another few months in the new year. Although I do not wish to be employed and want to launch my own business for which I have spent training intensively, my financial environment requires me to work and sustain my basic needs while still working on starting my business and developing and growing my network marketing business.

I am willing to hold steady during my outer world rocks because I do believe it is rocking in my favor by my future me and my real heart’s desire. Therefore, I am grateful once again for a most eventful day and the staff at work enjoyed the fizz I bought them all to enjoy.

Day 3: Thursday 14th – 7.18pm –
It’s about Trust and Understanding

Advice to self – ‘keep thoughts uplifted and positive, and let go of material matters or concerns.’

At work today I bonded more with my colleagues. They were sharing some challenges about the changes occurring, and one colleague was expressing her views about the move, in particular, working with another member of staff who she had and is still having a stressful relationship.

I thought about the section where Emmet Fox writes; ‘What of the ordinary troubles that you will have to meet in the office or at home? The answer is that such things will not affect your diet providing that you do not accept them, by fearing them, by believing them, by being indignant or sad about them, or by giving them any power at all.’ I offered my experience with the said person and described how I dealt with the situation practically and how as a result the situation with that person and the environment has changed for the better. I gained trust and showed I understood her circumstances without breaking my mental diet. I was so aware of my ‘mental diet’ during this interaction and veered on the positive and optimistic levels of the situation. It took energy and extreme concentration on my actions, thoughts, and self-observation, I was very much like a cat watching a mouse.

What I also do want to share on this blog is the rocking occurring in my outer world. On my way home, I received a call from a neighbor who has complained about one of my tenants who is parking his car illegally. My actions were diplomatic, and no emotion was attached to the matter. I was pleased with myself on that. Then on arriving home, I opened a letter which said ‘I was being fined’ for running a red light. I was amazed at receiving the latter and what was even more interesting, was that the incident occurred on the day that I had been at court for not adhering to a speed restriction on a motorway which is currently going through some major renovations. I was fined and collected points on my license that have taken me over the maximum limit allowed on a permit. Now with this incident, it looks like I really will need a miracle to occur so as not to lose my driving license. Why am I going back to court again? What have I yet to learn that this incident is teaching me? Two more letters were, and interesting enough both of those were financially related too, with increases in mortgage and statements for the interest I have paid on credit cards.

‘..nothing can possibly remain the same. This does not simply mean that you will be able to face your present difficulties in a better spirit; it means that the difficulties will go. This is the scientific way to Alter Your Life, and being in accordance with the Great Law it cannot fail’ – Emmet Fox

Day 4: Friday 15th – 5.31pm –
It’s about Acceptance and Forgiveness

Today I have a sty forming in my right eye. I decided to look at what the meaning of this is from the book by Louise Hay called ‘Heal Your Life’ – I have found our bodies communicate how we are thinking through pains and illnesses which we may not consciously be aware. The reason behind the ‘sty’ is ‘Not liking what you see in your own life.’ I laughed when I read this because I have come home to news that the website from which we bought hotel bookings is a fraud and our banks have made payments for hotel bookings that are fake. I just laughed as its now something I just come home to more news which is beyond my control. I have no idea what to think other than wanting to climb under my bed sheets and just go to sleep. However, I have a meeting tonight, and it’s important for me to continue doing while this outside world continues to rock as it is doing. My counter affirmation suggested by Louise Hay is ‘I now create a life I love to look at.’ I’ll be saying that loud and clear to myself in the mirror tonight before I go to bed. I will say it to myself for 50min like I did our one line DMP as suggested by the work I am doing with the Master Key Experience.

According to Emmet Fox; ‘Some extraordinary changes for the better will have come into your life, encouraging you enormously, and then the future will take care of itself. The new way of life will be so attractive and so much more comfortable than the old way that you will find your mentality aligning itself almost automatically.” – I do accept what is occurring in my outer world and know that whatever the reasons behind this, it is happening to make things so much better in the future. I am grateful that I am as healthy as I am and that I know, I am standing stronger each day despite what is moving on out of my environment and the conditions I am enduring.

‘It seems as though everything begins to go wrong at once. This may be disconcerting, but it is really a good sign. It means that things are moving.’ – Emmet Fox

Day 5: Saturday 16th – 12:30 am –
It’s about Meaningful and Revelation

What does it mean to dream of a litter of kittens?

Baste, who is the Egyptian goddess of the home, domesticity, women’s secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth

It’s actually already Sunday and I’ve been throwing out so much of the past today and time has completely eluded me as its way past midnight already. Clearing out the old and that which no longer serves me has made me feel lighter like I can breathe. Many people do say when you’re clearing out the old its a symbolic gesture and makes room for the new and fresh. I made my MKE and my Smart goals the focal point, along with my Go90Grow Program – with everything organised and so very easy to access; I feel change is coming. Ensuring I can access my material with ease is going to be important for the next chapter in this incredible journey called life.

I thought about the vivid dream I had last night; I stand surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of beautiful little kittens all different colors; I’m dissociated, which means I am looking at myself as though I am watching what is happening as an observer. I seemed to have this one cat that had just had so many kittens and she had had so many that at one point I was in a medical place and many kittens were there and then when I came home, there were many kittens there and even though I wanted to look after them, I knew I couldn’t and that the ones that really wanted to go out of the house and already had done, I would just have to let them go.

What could this dream mean? – A kitten is a symbol of innocence and purity and kittens are linked to the femininity. I did choose the two words ‘Meaningful’ and ‘Revelation’ the night before, so maybe this may have something to do with having had this dream. Many of the kittens were just running in all directions, and I am watching them. I wanted to look after them all, but I knew some of them just had to be free to do what they wanted and that I would be here for them if they chose to come back. According to ‘www.auntyflo.com’ – kittens running is connected to ‘independence, womanly instincts, originality, and supremacy.’ Sounded good to me until it goes on to say this is also connected to ‘difficult times and bad luck in ancient spiritual times’ and connected to the Cat Goddess Baste, who is the Egyptian goddess of the home, domesticity, women’s secrets, cats, fertility, and childbirth. She protected the home from evil spirits and disease, especially diseases associated with women and children. Now that sounds so very much like how I see my role.

The litter in my dream is said to also interpret into a desire to want more fun in life. I think there could be some truth in that. I have a sty in my right eye, which most of my friends are saying is a result of working too hard. I know I am looking forward to having more fun, looking after my self like I did just some three years ago when I looked and felt amazing and had lots of money to spend on myself. I liked that because, for 27 years, I had neglected myself and focused just on the needs of my kids because I wanted to give them the best I could because I saw being a single mum as a disadvantage. I now recognize it was the perfect environment for my children to grow up and become who they are.

Trying to save kittens in the dream, which I wanted to do is also linked to being able to retrieve my financial independence, and I certainly see that for my future. There is the component of seeing the kittens first coming with me to a medical, and in the back of my mind, this seems to link with my mother who maybe I had taken with me to the medical center. My mother is always wanting attention and gets herself into a state of anxiety if I have not paid enough attention to her over a period of a week or so. Seeing kittens in the dream all cuddly and cute is also linked to independence, which again makes sense because I’m about to become a Mamju which in Welsh for grandma.

Day 6: Sunday 17th – 3.09pm –
It’s about Love and Joy

What does it mean to dream of a deep cut healing on the back of my hand?

Dreaming of hands is often a sign of self-awareness.

It’s Sunday, and I awake to another dream. This time I dreamt I had a significant cut across the back of my hand and I straighten my hand, and the cut seals itself together while a bit of fat oozes out to allow the wound to be sealed tightly. I’m showing my hand to someone, and this time I am associated in the dream, which means I am looking at what is occurring through my own eyes. I’m showing the deep cut to a female, who seems to be someone close to me; the cut is immaculate, it’s not bleeding, and I can see the fat under the skin. I am squeamish. Hence I was not about to upload some of the pictures I saw when I tried to find an image to represent my blog today.

In my dream, I open my had, and the surface of the skin is drawn together and as I apply pressure the skin seals together. On searching the meaning of the dream, I can discover a few interpretations according to cultural and religious backgrounds. According to the:

  • Arabian (Islamic) world ‘a cut healing points to the recovery of your personal and family life, better earnings and a better life.’ That’s a cool interpretation.
  • Hindu world – If having a cut it indicates a golden age, which I deserve because of my determination.
  • European (Judeo-Christian) world, if having a cut means that I may have trouble in the future, but I will overcome it. If curing a wound, it says that I will be able to congratulate a prosperous future, that I am worth it and that my hard work is rewarded!
    Seeing the back of the hand also plays a significance if seen in a dream.

According to ‘thedreamwell.com’ dreaming about the hand in a dream has a strong significance. ‘Dreaming of hands is often a sign of self-awareness, of taking control of our own life and destiny, or of making an impact through our actions on another person or the world around us at large. The unusual act of actually looking at your own hands in a dream is used by some to achieve ‘lucidity,’ that is, to realize that they are dreaming. If we stop long enough to notice our hands in our dreams, it can be a sign that we are becoming aware of our influence, or lack of it.

It is also understood to be a symbolic representation. Meaning we are learning how to help ourselves by being kind where once we may have been a harsh judge; that we are befriending a part of ourselves that once we may have ignored or rejected. Even that we are healing a part of ourselves that once was sick and neglected.’

Undoubtedly, this has been the case for me in the past where I neglected myself to such an extent that I suffered and a mini-stroke. Often people would tell me, I was my own worst critic or that I was too critical of myself.  Has it taken me since 2012 to embark on this journey of self-discovery?

It is so exciting that the two words for each day, I choose the day before and somehow what happens during that day, feeds beautifully into those words. Every day I love myself more and more, and this brings me more and more joy. I have nothing to prove and nobody to answer. I am beautiful, and I am successful.

Day 7: Monday 18th – 8.33pm –
It’s about Enlightenment and Bliss

Talent develops itself in solitude. Character develops itself in the stream of life.

Do not complain, life gives you opportunities for constant practice to build our character. We learn obedience to the 7 Laws of the Mind. Growing in wisdom, we learn not to complain but to look for the positives in all, and if we are unable to find them, we practice another of the 7 Laws of the Mind that can change the focus of our mind.

Challenges me to thicken around us and look as though they are not ceasing, that is our practice, personal to our unique mission and purpose. It’s helping to make us patient, humble, generous, unselfish, kind and courteous. We are being molded to become more beautiful even if we cant see it.

Through my DMP (Definite Major Purpose), My PPN’s (Personal Pivotal Needs), My gratitude list, My Smart Goals and My Press Release and more which I am growing and discovering through the Master Key Experience. It shows me how to see the unseen.

My Character grows in the stream of the world’s life, and that is where I am learning to the real meaning of LOVE through greater understanding of Og Mandino’s Scrolls of being the Greatest Salesman in the World and of course, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Love is something which can’t be defined.

The Great Cosmic Law – Train yourself to choose the subject of your thinking at any given time and also choose the emotional tone.

It’s the last day of the 7 DAY MENTAL DIET as outlined by Emmet Fox and this morning I woke up late as I went to sleep instead late at 2: am because I was still reading and clearing up my room.

I woke up with a dream of someone who in the past caused me much anxiety and frustration. Someone who I had tried hard to help but instead I had made my own life trying to help her. According to ‘dreamstop.com’  ‘Sometimes your unconscious mind will feature these people in your dream, as a symbol of something you don’t like. They could represent the insecurities that you need to deal with.’ Forgiveness is the key learning here and the understanding and acknowledgment, it is not for me to try and change someone else’s life. It is for them, and I must forgive myself and not carry any anxiety or frustration.

The subconscious mind is so powerful that I continue to be amazed at what I learn and practice. I am grateful for these seven days and how much I have learned about myself and the happenings in my outer world. I am recognizing just how powerful I am and that only by choosing two words to represent my next day, they can have profound interpretations of what is happening and how it is understood. I realize the power I have in my hands. How careful I must be with my thoughts and my words for I am manifesting all the time. I am a creator just by the way in which I think and the work I have done over these seven days will continue to see their impact in the future.

The power behind sitting and visualizing on one thing with intense focus must apply so much energy to that one thing, and I recognize that as soon as I allow my attention to be distracted, I am loosing the power and the thing that I desire is moving away from me.

I have learned this week, which even though I had thought I was a positive thinking person, my inner consciousness has a mind of its own and sometimes my environment shows me a different reality. A reality which is a mirror of what is going on inside of me; as my awareness and lucidity increase my outer world will start to create a different reality for me.

In the words of Emmet Fox ‘…you choose your life, that is to say, you choose all the conditions of your life, when you choose the thoughts upon which you allow your mind to dwell. The thought is the real causative force in life, and there is no other. You cannot have one kind of mind and another kind of environment; this means that you cannot change your environment while leaving your mind unchanged, nor  – and this is the supreme key to life – can you change your mind without your environment changing too.’

I did not fall of this 7-day mental diet, and I recognize how vital it is to follow something through with discipline and a commitment to the result. The days went very quickly and were the observer of myself, I have learned I can break a challenge up into small pieces and look for the positive and that I have a great deal of faith that the universe has my back and that everything that is happening is happening for my greater good.

“When you really come into a realization of the fact that you (not your body, but the Ego), the “I,” the spirit which thinks is an integral part of the great whole, that it is the same substance, in quality, in kind, that the Creator could create nothing different from Himself, you will be able to say, “The Father and I are one” and you will come to an understanding of the beauty, the grandeur, the transcendental opportunities which have been placed at your disposal.

I train my thought on the subject of my choosing and Tomorrow is about PEACE AND ENLIGHTENMENT



  1. Mimo Pearl
    December 19, 2017 / 2:35 am

    You are amazing, great lessons and awarenesses. We truly are what we think. You jus proved it. Thank you for your comments on my blog. I am committed.

  2. Miriam
    December 24, 2017 / 11:24 am

    THANK YOU for the suggestion to get the book out again and to FOCUS on the diets’ “ingredients”. Beautifully clear presentation and tug on my heart to move forward. I’m getting it out NOW!

  3. December 26, 2017 / 8:42 pm

    Thank you for sharing your experience with the mental diet. I love the results it produces.

  4. Nora Williams
    December 28, 2017 / 6:06 am

    Wow! I’m impressed with the full-blown journal of the 7-Day Mental Diet experience. I really like everything you say, from the dreams to the meanings to everything! This is awesome!

  5. Vicki Drobnis
    December 30, 2017 / 12:01 am

    Powerful, powerful, powerful! I’m so glad to be on this journey with you!

  6. Jim Moll
    January 3, 2018 / 11:56 pm

    Wow! You are one amazing person! My life has been so blessed and peaceful that I forget how many have such challenges in life. You have become stronger and more adaptable as you move forward. I’m impressed with your daily journal posts also.

  7. April 6, 2018 / 11:49 am

    You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this site!

    • Naila
      April 6, 2018 / 8:01 pm

      You’re so kind – If you ever come across such a competition, then do let me know and I will certainly give it a go. When someone shares a belief in you, then it’s worth exploring it for sure.

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    Wow! I felt like I read a BOOK! You have a talent for thinking deeply and breaking things down. I will have to re-read this again and again. Thank you for breaking it down–I felt like you did so just for ME…thank you, thank you, thank you!

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