Week 3 – The Fog Is Lifting

Slowly but Surely …

How incredible, I feel blessed. Slowly but surely I am getting through the material and catching up with the course content. Slowly and surely I am coming to realize just how much value I have here! The concept of Paying It Forward is in so much harmony with how I would love to see the world operating. It’s real authenticity because the people behind the Master Key Experience seem to understand the laws of the universe really and what they are doing is unique and different from all those coaches and courses that make people pay out of their noses before the people have any results.

I am not attracted to advertisers who show off their beautiful cars and lifestyles but by those who have humility and Mark and his team have that for me.

What I love even more is Mark is and was a fellow successful network marketer and so the knowledge and understanding he is imparting feel more authentic and credible. Today I went through the OATS strategy and was surprised. It was a strategy I had not come across or maybe I hadn’t used it in this simple way. I like the old style of teaching here. It seems to fit my method of operating.

I love the index cards. They got me thinking about my childhood and how I had manifested so much; I let things slide as I grew older. What truly excites me, even more, is how much my children are in the flow of manifestation. My daughter is always manifesting things for free. She is like an Alchemist, and people ask her how she creates what she does with no financial budget. She smiles and says, “I just think about what I want, and it comes to me.” You got to love that.

Then my son always lands on his feet. I call him the designer baby. The universe takes care of his loves and desires, and he believes he is a lucky child and that he creates his luck. His self-belief has soared since I took charge of my dreams and aspirations. I am genuinely grateful for the experiences they have and I know I can be in the same place as soon as I have clarity and that has to start with letting go.


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