Week 14 – The New Me

Words are powerful – we can cloth ourselves in the words we use to think with and the words we use to speak with

With a break through the Christmas Break, it has been excellent having the webinars of the MKE back again. As the world looks to creating New Year Resolutions from the 1st of January, I had had the privilege to start my transformation back in September 2017.

The week has started with observations on virtues that I look for in people around me and see the same attributes in myself. I decided to cloth my week with ENTHUSIASM as my word for the week and a life-view clothed in HARMONY for the year of 2018 ahead. Practising the seven laws of the mind with one each month is a commitment I have decided to embark on throughout the year. So January is dressed in the Law of Relaxation so I may tap into the infinite intelligence.

I chose ‘Enthusiasm’ as the first virtue to focus on because sometimes I still get lost in my old thoughts. By raising my energy with enthusiasm, I can build the ‘positive’ strength that I surround myself in.

Harmony is a life-view which operates on the vibration of Merciful, Acceptance, Forgiveness and Transcendence. ‘What an ideal focus for 2018’, I thought when I received a message from an ex. Someone who I still thought of and someone who even inspired my DMP (Definite Major Purpose). It will be interesting to observe myself staying within these vibrations as I know relationships can be a hotbed of emotions and feelings especially if there has been some history between two people.

I am most excited for the chance to grow stronger with what I have learned over these weeks and see how I fair when we meet in a weeks time.

3 thoughts on “Week 14 – The New Me

  • Happy New Year 2018!!!
    I spent some time reading your blog and checking in on occasions with a comment or two. You have made it this far, Congratutions!! I came to read Week 14 and Week 15 during the Holiday Season, and into the New Year… you are becoming the self directive person you set yourself to become. I am glad you answered the call within. Keep on moving forward in changing your old blueprint…to gain what I think is going to be a life changing experience.
    I am looking forward to seeing you manifest your intentions.
    Julia Standish

    • I love that you have taken the time to come back and read my blog and for your support. I love you for doing that, it gives me more determination to think I have a cheerleader out there. I wish for you a tremendous new year ahead full of laughter and growth.

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