Week 12 – Law of averages

I remember the ancient law of averages and I bend it to my good. I persist with knowledge that each failure to achieve my goal will increase my chance for success at the next attempt – Adapted from – Og Mandino

Growing up I watched my father work very hard to start his own property business. I felt deeply proud of the sign he had painted on his van ‘DIN Property Repairs’. It made me always smile right at my core.

I think we choose our parents and we are a product of all the thoughts and actions of not just our parents but the generations who came before. That can become rather big when we see that each generation is two family generations coming together every time.
Therefore, if you believe in Karma and that our good and bad actions pass down from generation to generation, then there could be many things we have to work through while we experience this life.

Our lifetime on earth can also be just another opportunity to get things right. It depends on how determined someone is. My father ran a successful business for some time, but he could not understand leverage and how to grow a sustainable business. He worked, and he worked. He worked for working’s sake, and despite having a great source of income, he always behaved as though he didn’t have enough. He never rewarded himself or fulfilled his dreams and aspirations.

His business folded a few years later. He had a good run for those few years. He then lost much of what he had earned, taking risks on the stock market and hiding his losses from my mother. Still, we were ok. We ate well and received tokens from the government to buy our clothes. We just believed we were poor because our parents behaved and spoke from lack. I know many of you readers can relate to this. However, we have an opportunity to thrive.

Personal success can only happen if we grow our knowledge and courage. If our previous generations fail, we can succeed if we want it badly enough. First, we need to identify how we wish to experience life, and the Master Key System indeed has guided me to that level of clarity and beyond.


Fast forward, and I can now be in a place where I can build a property business and make it a successful property empire. How can I be different? For a start, my mindset must be abundance, faith, and commitment to grow my knowledge in areas that will benefit my business. I must have the courage to create my path and pursue my dreams of moving eventually into developments and hotels and resorts.

I strongly feel I am here to discover the true potential of this girl because throughout my family generations. I have had uncles who started businesses, even grew them but lost them due to lack of knowledge and persistence not to give in.

Part 12: Line 7 of Hannels Master Key System: writes about a sculpture starting a piece of work that he never gets to complete because he quickly becomes distracted. I persist and have a passion for creating a business my generations are proud to be the roots.


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