Week 17 – Franklin Makeover

Now there are ‘Makeovers’, and then there’s the mother of ‘Makeovers’, and that has to be the Franklin Makeover!!!

I have to admit when the makeover week got mentioned; pictures of going to the hairdressers and changing my wardrobe and even my makeup and shoes are what flashed through my mind. I asked my daughter if she would show me what I should keep in my closet, and excitedly I booked an appointment at the hairdressers to pluck up the courage to have my naturally jet black hair, bleached and add highlights. That to me is an extreme makeover.

Then comes the webinar on the Franklin Makeover and we are now in week three. It hasn’t been on the outside look at all!!!!!! – For the last three weeks, we have all been focusing on our internal being by immersing ourselves in a vital virtue. Our chosen ‘virtue’ for the week was to spot it in ourselves and the actions of others. How gentle, harmonious and original is this!

Last week was just phenomenal where almost 300 people went out into the world and generated ‘KINDNESS’ through their thoughts and actions. It was amazing to watch the LAW of GROWTH in operation as the number of kindnesses was tallied. Every time I refreshed the Alliance group, the numbers would jump of ‘kindnesses’ being recorded. It was beautiful, and it just seemed to inspire and expand more KINDNESS.

It has been an empowering experience, because over these two weeks especially I have realised just how much I am having to guard my mind because my thoughts seem to be manifesting rather quickly. I can see why the cards of gratitude are so crucial in this period and making sure we stay disciplined with our sits and reads and sticking to the habits we have been cultivating since September 2017. I found affirmations are even more so profound during this period for me, as temptations to miss a read or a sit, etc. become tempting. It’s like I am hitting a higher level now and it’s even more important to stick to what I have been doing and allow the universe to do what it must go through me.

My third week, and I am all for being DECISIVE – DECISIVENESS. – ( The ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently.) It is indeed a quality of a real Leader and not a follower

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