Week 14 – The negative mind

The power of the individual to think makes him optimistic so that he can control this negative mind.

‘I am nature’s greatest miracle’ – Og Mandino.

I read these lines daily, and on the days that I have managed to read Scroll IV – my mind is more vital, and I feel inflow. Yet when my reads are not consistent, I can feel energies that do not serve me trying their best to creep into my thoughts and then into my actions. I procrastinate. I prioritize the things that are not the most important and not the ones that will give me the greatest return.

Is this how strong the forces are outside of my mind. The collective mind is always trying to pull us back into this matrix. A matrix that keeps us stuck in lack and limitation, and even when some of us who practice hard to implement and apply the knowledge daily fall fowl of consistency, we are quickly feeling the grasps of this matrix on our minds, our dreams, and desires. The day passes quickly, and one can be left feeling, what have I done today that has moved me forward?

The power of perception

As human beings, we can change our outlook from one day to the next. Every day is a new start, a new beginning. The past is gone, it does not exist, and the future is ready to write it as we want. Equally, the magic is in momentum, it’s in taking small actions daily, and when we feel joy in what we achieve, the matrix loses its grip. Our ego freaks out because the spirit is in joy. Our spirit is unaware of the ego and its many tricks to keep us in that constant battle. Consistency is the bath to new habits, and equally, the new habits take time to establish. Even when installed over long periods, they can be lost instantly because we can become complacent of the ego and its trap to become stuck in a matrix that strips us of our birthright, which is that we are nature’s greatest miracle.

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