Week 3 ‘Thought’ is the cause…

Thought was the cause of all my experiences this year, and oh-boy! has been quite a roller coaster this year. Still, I work hard to bring my ‘thoughts’ to positive, uplifting experiences because, as Part 3 of the master keys states, there can be no failure. I know that even a slight detour to complaining will take me off my road and the fruits of my labor are far too delicious to ignore.

Knowing What You Want Can Save Your Life, Going After it Can Change it Forever!

It is just week 3 of the #Masterkeyexperince, and I am increasingly becoming better and better at keeping my commitments of reading the Greatest Salesman by Og Mandino. At one point, I found that if I read two pages of the scroll, once in the morning, then the next two scrolls in the afternoon, and the last two pages of scroll once out loud before bed, I was enjoying the read much more. I could reflect on the words better, and I felt I was kinder to myself because I still allowed myself to succeed. I let myself take this approach for the entire week, and I could do it with faith and confidence that I was doing what was suitable for me.

Just a week ago, I was meeting with a mindset coach, and we discussed some challenges that I discovered that I faced. One of these is ‘not being enough’ – yet I see what I can enjoy and say I have achieved with integrity. Yes, I brought to fruition an experience I had on my vision board with the master keys. My purposeful will was to value myself, to become someone who can help people realize their dreams by investing with me as a property developer.

Then a few days ago, I completed my DMP with the advice and comments of my guide. I realized it was already taking form. I had four friends who said they wanted to invest with me in my upcoming property deal. I was so nervous at first to call them. These were the same nerves I had when I was a network marketer, but this time I just had to do it, and the ease at which my friends agreed gave me the belief that ‘I am enough!’. The words of my DMP were coming to life.

I desire to radiate a sufficiently strong personality filled with magnetism so that I have immense power for good (Line 6). Magnetism, integrity is what my car symbolizes, and in the words of my mindset coach, I am growing into the power my car represents.



  1. October 24, 2021 / 4:06 am

    I am so excited for you, Naila! This is terrific. You are absolutely enough… ‘powerful beyond measure!’ (Marianne Williamson)
    Thank you for sharing!!!

    • Naila
      October 24, 2021 / 6:03 pm

      Thank you kindly, Louise. I have been following the Course of Miracles which I believe Marianne Williamson also teaches

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