Week 10 – money challenge – What is your DREAM?

Building Dreams

“My inner world creates my outer world”

DMP: – We holiday in our home in Beverly Hills near Rodeo Drive.


Every day as I drive to work on my 45 min commute, I am saying to myself; “My inner world creates my outer world”. As I say this I observe the lush green abundant foliage that surrounds me, as I commute on an easy drive. There is harmony all around me. Traffic is flowing at a good easy flow and there are vast open spaces that are lush with crops ready to be harvested. My outer world is bright, it is peaceful, it is on my terms because I am driving down the road.

This affirmation, shows me my power in the moment and as I grow my habit to say these words often through my day, I am finding I feel happier and more accepting of where I am, why I am doing what I am and even though I may not understand why I fully am working in the place I am; I feel happy and I feel like I am giving value.

How would you describe your outer world?

I would like to share the story of my daughter who is taking the money challenge with me. She is my mastermind partner, and that means we chat regularly to share our wins and challenges. In her world, she dines in exclusive restaurants for FREE. She has lists of brands sending her perfumes, dresses, make-up, accessories and even experiences worth thousands and thousands and all for FREE because in return she writes about her experience for the brand. She gives so much value in return the brands now have her as the model on the websites and marketing material.

My WOW moments this week were when I was chatting with her on the phone, I mentioned I would love a skincare product, and I was discussing how I am attending a special event where I wanted to wear a new dress. We even looked at a few dresses, and I chose one that I liked. About 30 min later, she called me back and said; “mum you won’t believe this, but that skin care product that you said you wanted, well I’ve just got one dropped off by the postman, for FREE.

How did I do that? – We laughed and gave gratitude for this miracle and recognized how we are starting to manifest that which we ask for. Then about a week later, I get a call from my daughter again, that the dress which I liked has been delivered for my daughter to market and I can now wear that dress for my special event as well.

I am manifesting through my daughter, and I recognize that this is a sign for me to believe in myself.

What cash have I deposited in my FFA (Financial Freedom) Account in week nine and my Play Account?

Day 57 – £15.00
Day 58 – £0.42
Day 59 – £2.50
Day 60 – £0.01
Day 61 –£1.65
Day 62 – £2.50
Day 63 – £0.49

Week 9 – Total Deposited £22.57

Play Account

Day 22 -£15.00
Day 23 – £0.41
Day 24 – £2.50
Day 25 £0.01
Day 26 – £1.64
Day 27 – £2.50
Day 28 – £0.48

Week 9 – Total Deposited £22.54


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