Week 8 – money challenge – Changing the roots

The Roots Create the Fruits

“In life, our fruits are called our results” – T. Harv Eker

This week, I have continued to work on changing my roots so that the fruits (results) that I see in my life mirror my true inner beliefs. The results I am aiming to unravel are around loving myself and doing more for myself. I recognized this when embarking on my money make-over with this 90-day challenge. The account I was having difficulty with in the past was my PLAY account. An account where I put the same amount of money in as I do in my financial freedom account and then spend it all at the end of the month.  I discovered I had conflicts around loving and accepting myself and this was evident this week. The analogy of the iceberg fits here as is the quote by T. Harv Eker.

I work in a school with children of all ages with severe special needs. I had been asking myself, “why am I working here?” – I know that our outer world reflects our inner world. Therefore I’ve been intrigued about where I find myself and where I am spending my time. What is this mirroring back to me? The first answer I got was ‘I am unconditional love!’ that I could see within me. I loved these children for all their differences no matter how challenging they are. Working around them has helped me to become more emotionally stronger. I am calmer and always looking to the positive of everything.

“Life Is Really Very Simple. What We Give Out, We Get Back.” – Louse Hay

The second answer came on Friday when I moved to another class where I faced a child who has behavior challenges. A furious young boy about the age of 14. He started lashing out and kicking my legs when he noticed I was not his usual teacher. I am asked to take him to the soft play area where he couldn’t hurt anyone. I have no experience of handling such a child, though I am willing to do it. Coaxing him to the soft play area is a mighty challenge but after another member of staff helped, we have him in the safe, soft play area. Just him and I until another staff member could help.

He continued to kick and I did everything I could to try and avoid his aggression and then wallop! I had a huge slap planted on the full of my face. The vibration shocked me and I could feel the blood rush to my face. I did not feel any emotion, other than acceptance and shock. A thought did pass through my mind as I left the room to go back to the rest of the children.How am I attracting this?How is this a mirror of my inner world?” – It was instant, a thought came over me – that young boy thrashing out to hurt me was a mirror of my inner child, angry and resisting the changes I am implementing consistently every day. My inner child had been kept locked in a cage surrounded by beliefs it had adopted from her parents and from her culture. It was frightened, just like the young boy thrashing out against me because I was someone different. My inner child is afraid of the changes I desire and am implementing.  It is afraid of me. It needs me to look at what its desires and wants are and in order for me to get what I want in life, I need to pay attention to it. First address the needs of that younger child within me. What did she love to do? What made her heart sing? – She loved to know she was loved unconditionally and she loved to play and be recognised and appreciated. As a result of this recognition, I have changed my PERSONAL PIVOTAL NEEDS (PPN) from Liberty to Recognition for Creative Expression. I have achieved LIBERTY, and I am FREE to do what I want, when I want, and with whom I want.

This week, I went window shopping and choosing the things I shall purchase and spoil myself, with my PLAY jar.

“In the infinity of life where I am,
all is perfect, whole, and complete.
I believe in a power far greater than I am
that flows through me every moment of every day.
I open myself to the wisdom within,
knowing that there is only One Intelligence in this Universe.
Out of this One Intelligence comes all the answers,
all the solutions, all the healings, all the new creations.
I trust this Power and Intelligence,
knowing that whatever I need to know is revealed to me,
and that whatever I need comes to me
in the right time, space and sequence.
All is well in my world.” – Louse Hay


If you want to change the fruits, you will first have to change the roots. If you want to change the visible, you must first change the invisible. – T.Harve Eker

Last week I visualized Notes in my FFA account and my PLAY account and this week I am seeing notes in my accounts. Why am I doing this? – so that when I open my purse it looks like my father’s wallet. He has stacks of £20 in his wallet whenever he opens it.

What cash have I deposited in my FFA (Financial Freedom) Account in week seven and my Play Account?

Day 43 – £0.26
Day 44 – £0.40
Day 45 – £1.02
Day 46– £2.51
Day 47 –£0.78
Day 48 – £5.00
Day 49 – £2.50

Week 7 – Total Deposited £12.47

Play Account

Day 8 – £0.26
Day 9 – £0.40
Day 10 – £1.02
Day 11 – £2.51
Day 12 – £0.78
Day 13 – £5.00
Day 14 – £2.50

Week 7 – Total Deposited £12.47 + £30 gift card from work!


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