Meet Naila in 2021

The more LOVE I give, the more I recieve.

The world is limitless, abundant, and strangley accomodating

WHO IS NAILA? – I entered the world of Property Investing while still working as a high school teacher, discovering I could create trusting relationships with young professionals. I discovered I enjoyed offering HMOs (Houses of multiple occupants) for young professionals. With over 21 years experience of managing and letting properties, I am one of the many hundreds of investors who accidentally became landlords and discovered the true magic of compounding and leverage. Since then, I have gone on to grow my business acremen and share my knowledge and connections through public speaking events at schools and colleges and contribute to property communities to help support and encourage others to create their own financial freedom.

Setting up a Limited Company, with my family, I have grown the property portfolio to encompass Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Northampton, and now also in London.

This has gradually given me the time and freedom to pursue my dreams not just in personal development and sporting challenges, but moving into property development which is where I believe I can gain the most growth for my business.

December 2021