Week 31 – The Universe – a reflection of our thoughts?

“They themselves are makers of themselves” – James Allen

Part 25 of the Master Key Experience by Charles Hannel

Line 30. Creation is the power of mind, by which the thought is turned inward and make to impregnate and conceive new thought. It is for this reason that only the enlightened mind can think for itself.

Line 31. The mind must acquire a certain character of thought, which will enable it to reproduce them itself without any seed from without to impregnate it.

A sole parent of two adult children, I had never wanted MONEY to be the reason why my children could not experience or were not free to do something. On very little, we lived an extremely loving life when it was just the three of us, playing board games and watching ‘Pinky and the Brain’ amongst the other Walt Disney animations. Whenever they asked ‘what they were going to do today?’ I would always reply – “The same thing we do every day, TRY AND TAKE OF THE WORLD!” – They would roll their eyes and complain, while I giggled. We never really realized, how small the world was and just how much we impact it with our thoughts until these last two years. How possible it is to live life on our terms indeed. The world is there for the taking, and it’s up to us to discover what blocks we must remove to find out what lies behind the wall of our emotions.


I had a realization, just how much I am disempowering my children now that they are adults in their own right. My selfish desire, to see them live a life of abundance according to my beliefs, has my son working very hard, managing our property portfolio with me, but what I perceived as ‘flexibility,’ is not something that he views as ‘flexibility’ and I have to respect that.

We sat opposite each other on the stairs; I could sense the energy was heavy as he told me I did not appreciate what he was doing with regards to the looking after the properties. In my mind a thought flashed across my mind; ‘what more can I possibly do, I am creating all this for you and your sister anyway’. I became instantly aware of myself and how I am a pattern in the universe playing itself out, linked to previous patterns layer upon layer. I instantly stopped upon this realization and became the observer of myself by paying attention to my son’s words and listening carefully to what I was hearing. Here was an opportunity for me to discover what the world was mirroring back to me, an opportunity for me to grow.

Deepak Chopra writes in his book, ‘The Book of Secrets’: ‘If you live at the centre of one reality, you begin to witness patterns coming and going. At first these patterns continue to feel personal. You create the patterns, and that brings a sense of attachment.

I stepped away emotionally from the conversation, I could sense that my mind was observing ‘Blame,’ fueled by ‘Anger’. I recognized that if I allowed these emotions to drive the conversation it would escalate to ‘Hate’ and ‘Scorn’ it was my ‘ego’ trying to create an experience it knew to keep me happy by feeling what I had observed in my past. My ego does not know what is good and what is bad, what is sad and what is happy. It only knows to keep me feeling what it had experienced in the past; it wants only to keep me experiencing what I know. Keeping myself attached to emotions which keep me rooted in a space where I can become stuck is something that happens when one is unaware. I knew I could not ignore these feelings, but I can detach from them and observe them. With all the knowledge of self-awareness, I am practicing of late; I surrendered by apologizing to him and recognizing that my selfish desire to create a Legacy in the way that I was doing did not have to mean he had to accept my way of doing things. It was a liberating feeling to let go of the emotions that were not going to serve me. Deepak Chopra writes; ‘Experience loses its juice when you know that you created it.’ What I am discovering is that detachment from my emotions is coming more easily, and thus my experiences, in fact, is having an impacting in our universe. How many of us realize our thoughts and emotions of Fear, Anxiety, Regret, Despair, Blame, Humiliation, Hate, and Pride are what is reflected back to us in the world we live in. We are the ones that create what we like and dislike and that is what the universe shows us when we observe the world. We are knowing who we are as humanity and coming to understand our power. If we focus on Trust, Courage, Optimism, Acceptance, Understanding, Love etc. What would our world mirror back to us?

“Whatever the mind thinks of that alone it sees” – Deepak Chopra


The significance of ‘Detachment’ is vast as I am coming to realize, I can face the reality that I am not the best at everything, nor do I need to be, I feel I sense of relief and acceptance. The way to make seeds grow is with nourishment, and in this case, the nourishment comes from paying attention. I am willing to face myself, whatever I think my shortcomings are. Only a direct encounter with myself brings the nourishment of attention, and the more nourishment I offer, the greater my growth will be.



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