Week 11 – Stepping into the POWER

We are our own Super Hero’s


I always loved the superhero’s and really believed we all had a superhero and still do.

My new affirmation is asking “what is my gift!” – “what is my purpose!”

Each week I feel more and more like a scientist. Someone who is the observer of herself. I’m journaling and observing the words I am using to describe my emotions. It’s made me feel oh so much more powerful. I’m like a scientist using the 7 laws of the mind to discover her powers and see them manifest into creation in the outside world.

There is so much success that surrounds me that my challenges are dwarfed in comparison. I look back in life and although at the time I had not realised just how magnificent an experience I was creating by becoming increasingly more creative and getting over the hurdles life was challenging me.

Every day, I am grateful for the MKE, I am now ready for greater things, and the universe has connected me with this hugely directional program. The Universe has my back, and I must soon discover how to unleash that incredible power so that any action I take to move towards it will feel effortless and natural because my burning desire is so intense that even I can not stand in my way.

I came to the end of what I thought was my life at age 41, but then I realised I had a new journey to embark on with a more significant purpose and a mightier challenge. My Ant (conscious mind) knows the actions and the direction I wish to go and its time for my Elephant (Subconscious mind) to trust and believe therefore move in the direction it knows is its calling.

‘The ant and the elephant’ by Vince Poscente gave me the understanding of how to listen to my elephant, understand her needs and meet those needs so that I may build trust and belief for her to start coming round to moving in the direction of my Ant. So I have a movie night at the cinema once a week and then have pampering sessions booked along with other things that excite her and get her all tingly with the elephant buzz. It means I’m listening and building trust and belief in myself.

As Haanel says “many men and women have found to their sorrow that it is easier to control a kingdom than to control themselves. But when you have learned to control yourself you will have found the ‘World Within’ which controls the world without; you will have become irresistible; men and things will repond to your every wish without any apparent effort on your apart”

7 thoughts on “Week 11 – Stepping into the POWER

  • I liked your blogpost so much! Thank you for sharing it! And I liked the analogy of the ant and the elephant. I have never Heard about them Before, but it made me think. Thank you!

  • I LOVE LOVE LOVE the message and the visual you selected – I can relate and the strength and glory of your message just comes off the screen. Thank you for sharing!
    PS – your press release is fantastic – did you choose Forbes for a reason? brilliant!

    • Hello Danielle
      Thank you for reading my blog and yes I did choose Forbes for a reason because it’s been a magazine that I have always noticed. I don’t know why other than it intrigues me because for me Forbes represents financial abundance in a way. I was pleased to discover one of their reporters focuses on mobile technologies and that fitted with my future vision.

  • Thank you for your post, Danielle. Reading it warms up the superhero in me a bit. I feel I’ve let myself be overwhelmed with too many external things (well, understandably maybe – new job, new home, break up)…
    Anyways, my superhero (who amongst other things does her MKE assignments fully ;-)) thanks you!! And me too <3

    • Hello Sophie
      Thank you kindly for reading my blog post. I have started my mental diet this week and lets say my outer world is and has been rocked. I keep reading Emmet Fox’s 7 Day Mental Diet and meditating to keep such emotions as overwhelm at bay. I am literally detaching myself from my outer world and increasingly staying in the present so as to keep my emotions under control. To the outside world I don’t what that might look like. However, the observer of myself says it looks like I am not allowing my outer world affect me or maybe I look a bit crazy. lol

  • I love this line — “because my burning desire is so intense that even I can not stand in my own way.” You’re radiant! & Thx for sharing the Ant & E book. So much of it corresponds to MKE — even down to colored shapes!! Lovely

  • Your powerful image momentarily took my breath away! Interesting concept to pamper and care for your elephant, encouraging her along the path you wish her to take. I will sit with that a bit. Thank you.

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